Venders are used in Recette's item shop Recettear to hold between six to ten items, more than the four item limit a Counter can have on display. They can only be found at the Market when Recette's Merchant Level reaches level 11, and placed in the item shop when her Merchant Level reaches level 15. At level 18, two new venders can be found at the Market, and at level 22, all of the Counters in the store may be converted to venders (if enough venders are in stock).

A vender is placed in the shop by placing it on a Counter similar to how an item would be placed on one. A prompt will appear to switch the Counter into a vender, upon which the four row or square of Counter places will be changed into a vender. It can be switched back into a Counter simply by interacting with the vender.

Customers will not haggle when purchasing items from venders, but will instead buy the item for the base price (100%) value. Customers buying items from venders rather than from counters appears to be worked out separately; a customer may buy an item from a vender and then buy an item on display.

The only indication players will have of customers using the venders is a sfx being played.

While there is an advantage to having a vendor containing up to ten items which are sold separately, customers will not interact with Recette, losing the opportunity to raise her Merchant Level and Customer Reputation (only if there is enough vending machines that you run out of items on the shelves or have replaced all shelves with vending machines. As stated earlier, the mechanics for working out vending machines are *separate* from traditional selling and a person can purchase an item on a shelf as well as a vending machine in one visit. Assuming you're stocking up well enough and don't primarily rely on venders, this shouldn't be an issue), along with potential profits from having higher than base prices. On the other hand, venders may not be affected by announcements, and always sell at base price, even if the item is blue and normally sold at a heavy discount. A careful mix of vendors and counters is thus required to ensure a balance.

Remember to remove red named items from venders so Recette can sell them for 200+% their base prices!

Venders cannot be placed on display to sell to customers; the Vending Machine and SuperVend SDXK56 can only be directly sold to them when they are requesting "something metal".

Before 1.108 patch, they can be placed inside other vending machines for sale. The 1.108 patch fixes this bug.

If Recette wishes to sell them normally, they can only be sold back to the Market or Merchant's Guild for a heavily discounted price, so do not buy more than needed.

Recette can also sell them if a customer asks for something metal (except for Old Venders, which aren't metal). Old Venders, however, can be sold when a customer asks for something plain.

Name Number of
item slots
Base Price Merchant Level Types Description
VenderOld Vender 6 30,000 pix 11 Vending machine An old, refurbished vending machine. Still usable, although its cooling unit cools the entire SHOP.
VenderVending Machine 8 50,000 pix 18 Vending machine, Metal A standard vending machine that can sell things to people automatically. Isn't technology grand?
VenderSuperVend SDXK56 10 120,000 pix 18 Vending machine, Metal A super-efficient, high-yield vender that can even act as a slot machine, Tear disabled THAT feature...

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