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Old Man, Man, Woman, Girl

The Townsfolk are citizens of Pensee who are also customers of Recette and Tear's item shop Recettear.

Townsfolk are most often encountered in the item shop, but can sometimes be encountered in events around Pensee.



A young girl and a budding artist and reader who seems to have a habit of losing her hairpin, much to Tear's dismay. She is on a somewhat limited budget and cannot buy items if they are set too high above the baseline price. Items she seems to be interested in are Books, certain clothing like Hats, and Food. She has a brother who she may buy weaponry and armor items for, which is noted by a somewhat cross look on her face, and often buys items seemingly over her usual budget at her mother's request. Just pricing markup is between 105% and 112%. Red items (priced up) can be sold at 270%.

  • Preferred atmosphere: 5 Light, 0 Plain/Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Clothes, Bracelets, Hats, Charms, Necklaces, Rings, Books, Food
  • Budget: 600-60,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening
  • Standard pricing 112% will keep her from haggling, also for when you are buying from her 51% is her lower limit to keep her happy.


A woman who frequents the Market in search for recipe ideas. She tends to buy food items, hats, bracelets, and tends to buy at about 116-119% base price.

  • Preferred atmosphere:0 Light/Dark, 4 Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Clothes, Bracelets, Hats, Necklaces, Shoes, Rings, Treasures, Food
  • Budget: 3,600-360,000
  • Active times: Evening, Night
  • Use 116% to keep your just combo. Any higher and she may want to haggle you down (she may still haggle no matter how low you put it, in my case 30% when I thought she was selling). When buying use 50% as the lower limit to keep her happy. She can be one of the pickiest customers you will find in your store.


A man who enjoys walking around Pensee at night for no particular reason. He will buy items at a fairly high margin, reliably up to 130% or so. He tends to buy weapons and armor, but will also buy food. He generally has a large number of funds so will be able to purchase some of the more valuable items. Sometimes he will fall on hard times and sell you his deceased grandmother's lousy items (which strangly generally consists of Candy, Cherries, Chocolate Bars and Unthankful Statues most of the time).

  • Preferred atmosphere: 2 Dark, 0 Plain/Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Swords and other such Weapons, Armor, Shields, Helms, Capes, Food
  • Budget: 1,800-600,000
  • Active times: Noon, Evening, Night
  • Use 125% to keep your just combo. Any higher has a chance of him wanting to haggle you down. When buying from him use 40% as the lower limit to keep him happy. He can get picky, but fortunately not nearly as picky as the Woman (see above).

Old Man

An old man who enjoys walks every single day, in the sun to calm him down, and in the rain to harden him. The old man is a little thriftier than the man and usually only buys items marked up to about 123% or so. 

  • Preferred atmosphere: 0 Light/Dark, 6 Plain
  • Likes: Medicines, Hats, Treasures, Food, Weapons (but at a pretty decently lesser degree than the Man), Books (to an extent), Clothes
  • Budget: 2,400-1,200,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening
  • Use 116% to always keep your just combo. Any higher has a chance of him wanting to haggle. 108% is a good point for just right. However, he can also buy items for %120 if they're more high-level items. He has a tendency to haggle at reasonable prices, accepting the price if you do not change it but refusing it if you only lower it slightly.

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