Tielle, Archer adventurer

For Tielle as a boss character, see: Tielle (boss)

Tielle is an Archer who can be hired as an adventurer.

Tielle is first seen trying to keep up with her sister in the Town Square. They eventually lose each other in a dungeon, setting up a confused and frightened Tielle as the boss of Amber Gardens. Once defeated, she is taken by Recette's kindness and offers her services as an adventurer while she perfects her marksmanship. Tielle shares a common love of sweets with Recette but to a slightly higher level of obsession. She can often be found at the Market during the morning hours on one of her quests for sugary goodness.


In-game Description

Young, kind elven archer.
Able to fight well at range.
Uses bows, naturally.


(Numbers in brackets indicate when boosted with equipment, bonuses or Ferromin.)

Initial Stats

HP 63 Wooden Bow ATK+7
SP 81 Scrap Plate DEF+12 MDEF+4
ATK 21 (28) Wooden Armband DEF+4 MDEF+2
DEF 20 (36)
MAG 19
MDEF 24 (30)

Maximum Stats (Defensive Set)

HP 274 (474) One Shot Wonder+15 ATK+170 (195)
SP 343 Master's Plate+15 DEF+160 (175) MDEF+76
ATK 79 (274) Four Seasons+12 DEF+72 MDEF+100 (112)
DEF 76 (402) Hat of Innocence+15 DEF+64 (79) MDEF+58
MAG 68 Omnicharm+15 MDEF+106 (121)
MDEF 84 (451)

Maximum Stats (Offensive Set)

HP 274 (474) One Shot Wonder+15 ATK+170(195)
SP 343 Plate of Grief+4 ATK+15 DEF+146 (150) MAG+10 MDEF+42
ATK 79 (337) Assassin's Hood+4 ATK+15 DEF+50 (54) MDEF+20
DEF 76 (290) Ebon Talisman+4 ATK+15 DEF-20 MAG+15 MDEF+90 (94)
MAG 68 Warrior's Will+8 ATK+18 DEF+30 MAG+12 MDEG+56 (64)
MDEF 84 (304)

Tielle can equip the following:

Bows Charms
Clothes1 Necklaces
Breastplates Scarves
Bracelets2 Shoes3
Hats Rings4

1: Except Hood's Outfit, Gentleman's Suit
2: Except Spiked Armband
3: Except Hard Boots, Battle Boots, Iron Sandals, Jet Boots, Rocket Boots
4: She will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


  • Tielle is first seen during a cut scene in the Town Square, viewable only after the Jade Way is unlocked.
  • She doesn't show up again until the 30th and final level of the Amber Garden. Beat her and she'll calm down enough to formally introduce herself.
  • Tielle will appear at the shop randomly the day after that, and after a certain happiness level (2-3 visits?), she will give Recette her Business Card during a visit. Make the store look Light and perhaps put up sweets as showcase items to ensure she visits.


Tielle is a high offense/low defense character. Though a bit slow, she can usually take out most monsters in a room in a single shot.


Tielle moves fairly quick, but cannot run.


Tielle's arrows have a very long range reaching all the way to the other side of the screen on charged shots, but no arc. When equipped properly, Tielle's attacks can be incredibly devastating, and since she fires projectiles, she can dispatch enemies before they come anywhere near her. Since her charged shot allows her to fire multiple arrows that can strike a single target for compound damage, Tielle also has an advantage when fighting from point blank range or against large bosses. The fan like spread that Tielle's charged shots take on also allow her to fight at an angle to some degree without being in the orthogonal striking zone of most enemies, although for the most part, a direct close up shot will do the most damage.


Tielle's defense is in the middle end of the spectrum and tends to have higher magic defense than physical defense by end game. She cannot equip Armor, Helmets and Shields and prefers Breastplates, Hats and Bracelets, among other accessories that are more magic defense oriented. Unfortunately she also has the second smallest amount of HP out of all of the adventurers, with a maximum HP at Level 99 of 274HP that can be boosted to 474HP with the use of Ferromin. Some of the bows that Tielle can equip, in particular, the Harp Bow and Crescent Bow can grant defensive bonuses, however, her final bow the One Shot Wonder is a purely offensive weapon.


Tielle's attack can be charged up for greater damage and more projectiles fired in a single shot, granting her attacks a very wide arc. Attack charging cancels if Tielle is hit, but unlike Caillou, Tielle can move while charging an attack. Therefore, it's suggested you always be charging up Tielle's shot. Multiple arrows can strike a single target simultaneously, making her standard multi-arrow attacks deadly at short range.

  • Uncharged attack = 75% damage (not 100% sure), the arrow flies only 1/4 of the screen.
  • Level 1 charge = 125% damage (not sure either), one arrow flies through the screen.
  • Level 2 charge = 125% damage, three arrows fly in front of you.
  • Level 3 charge = 125% damage, 5 arrows fly in front of you.
  • Level 4 charge = 125% damage, 5 arrows fly in front of you and 1 arrow from behind.
  • Level 5 charge = 125% damage, 5 arrows fly in front of you and 3 arrows from behind.
  • Level 6*³ charge = 125% damage, 5 arrows fly in front of you and 3 arrows from behind.

Tielle can only charge up to Level 6 with Cuterage. (Level 6 charge does not visibly exhibit any difference from Level 5 charge)


Controls Tielle.jpg

Flame Arrow

"Fires an intense, piercing arrow directly ahead."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 4 SP
  • Shoots a Fire arrow that pierces every monster in it's path until it's out of screen.

Seeker Arrow

"This arrow willl seek out foes and try to chase them down!"

  • Level: Already learned (Survival: Lv.5)
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Hits 3 times. Seeks the enemy, even when he's in the air. Especially effective against Bees, Jack-o-laterns and Knights.
  • Although homing, still has a chance to miss and dissipate if it hits the ground instead of an enemy, this can occur often particularly against fast moving ground targets.

Starshot Arrow

"Fire a torrent of arrows upward which then rain down like meteors!"

  • Level: Already learned
  • Cost: 8 SP
  • Speed: 1 second delay (casting + lock on)
  • A rain of arrows lock on and hit enemies in the screen a few times, and also shoots random shots that can hit enemies as well.
  • A single beam can hit multiple targets in it's small target vicinity, making it highly effective for slow clustered groups of enemies as the damage from each beam is compounded.
  • Less effective against fast moving enemies like Yellow Ropers as they can quickly move out of the lock on targetting spots before being hit.
  • Extremely effective in battles with multiple large bosses due to their large size and coverage of the screen, in particular, against King Slimes, Eyebat Kings and Insect Kings.
  • Can hit flying enemies in large numbers effectively.


"Tielle gets serious, and can charge her shots much faster!"

  • Level: 25
  • Cost: 10 SP
  • Paralyzes nearby enemies on activation except bosses. The effect will also work on Will o' Wisps making it extremely useful for survival should they appear.
    • Paralyzed enemies do not flinch back when hit, making them extremely vulnerable to repeated charged shots at point blank range.
  • Charges the Bow four times faster and enables Bow Charge Lv.6
  • Renders Tielle impervious to being knocked down/stunned, but charged shot can still be reset by hits.
  • Invincibility during activation. The skill potentially can leave Tielle invincible to all attacks if the user is good at timing, or activates the skill rapidly. Example here.
  • Unlike Griff's Demon Soul and Elan's Berserk, Tielle can still freely use items and other skills while still undergoing Cuterage!

Customer Data

  • Preferredatmosphere: 8 Light, 0 Plain/Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Bows, Clothes, Hats, Rings, Books, Food
  • Budget: 2,400-120,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening


  • Her original name was "Tiers" in the Japanese release, which is French for "a third" and refers to her status as the third child in her family. Her name spelling was altered for the English release, in the translator's words, because they were concerned English-speakers would misprounce it (the 's' is silent) and that it was "too silly". "Tielle" would be pronounced the same by a Japanese speaker, so the audio files still match.

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