The Insect King

The Insect King is a boss in Recettear. Initially he is fought alone, but in later dungeons you must fight two Insect Kings simultaneously, and then three Insect Kings simultaneously.

Boss Tactics:

The boss' shell is immune to your attacks so you will have to attack the head. He will roll around the floor occasionally, but you can avoid these attacks by running out of the way. Just make sure he doesn't corner you into a wall or you will not be able to get out of the way! He also sometimes lets out some pinkish-purple gas every now and then, so stay away or if you are very close to him, make a beeline for the head and you'll be safe, make sure to get some attacks in while you can. 


Louie: Once near the head, make sure to use Spin Slash repeatedly until you run completely out of MP, or until you cannot cast any abilities. Once you run out of MP, be sure to eat some Candy or another MP-restoring food. Repeat until he's defeated.

Charme: Use Mirror Image to deal some additional damage to it as well as kill some of the bees that emerge from  it.  If you see it start to curl up, sprint parallel to his facing and you should be able to avoid its rolling attack.  Parrying the attack is extremely difficult.

Caillou: Sparkburst will deal extreme damage to it but be mindful that you probably won't be able to avoid its rolling attack unless you cancel the previous Sparkburst and initiate another one to utilize the invincibility time.

Tielle: Utilize CuteRage! to get a lot of shots into it until it starts to roll.  The problem is that bees will constantly interrupt your charging if there are too many of them.  Starshot Arrows may be needed to clear them out. 

Elan: Same as Louie except using Flame Charge. This also helps to escape the Boss' attacks as you can charge from side to side and even go through the boss without taking any damage.   If you have it, using berserk and constantly hitting will help your damage immensely.

Nagi: Flame Charge will help you deal damage and position yourself out of harm's way while hundred thrusts can be used when the boss finishes rolling.

Griff: You can either brute force it with demon soul and dash through it to avoid its roll, or you can use regular attacks and use dark claw to avoid the roll.  The latter may be mandatory when there are multiple insect kings especially in Crystal Nightmare.

Arma: Equipping the Rocket Boots will make it much easier to avoid its rolling attack, as your average base movement

speed coupled with a lack of invincibility make it very difficult to avoid damage otherwise. A hard, fast hitting Part is best, but regardless of the weapon, it's important to get as many hits in before he starts rolling again.

Note: If you know more strategies for other Adventurers, please add them!