The Hall of Trials is the first dungeon in Recettear


This is unlocked as soon as you can use the Adventurer's Guild.

Dungeon Crawling

There are only 5 levels: the fifth level has no boss or enemies, only a chest containing Louie's Adventurer's Card. After obtaining the card (and having Louie give it to Recette), a door opens leading back to town. In normal gameplay, clearing this dungeon is required to unlock The Jade Way .Until you have cleared the Hall of Trials, Louie will work for free for you.

The first level of this dungeon starts with only Green Slimes, making it ideal for chaining enemies to get Louie his first few levels. Do not open chests until you have done this chaining, since you will most likely trigger a trap summoning a circle of blue slimes that to kill would break the chain. It is advisable that you clear all levels since they are fairly easy, and give comparatively good rewards.


Floors Enemies Bosses
1~5 Green Slime, Red Slime, Gnolls; Green Roper No Boss

Special Drops

Any creature killed here can drop tier 0 items in addition to their normal drops. This is the only dungeon featuring special drops and the known ones are listed below.

This list is incomplete. Feel free to add items you found to expand it.

Monster Drop
Green Slime

Wooden Armband, Wool Hat, Worn Sword

Red Slime Leather Armor, Clothes
Gnolls Longsword
Green Roper Summer Sandals

Chest Contents

A table of items that can be found in chests in this dungeon by level they were discovered. An asterisk after an item indicates that the item cannot be purchased.

This list is incomplete. Feel free to add items you found to expand it.

Items Treasures

Clothes, Cloth Hat, Cloth Robe, Common Shield, Iron Armband, Leather Boots, Longbow, Longsword, Old Muffler, Raincoat, Rusty Dagger, Scrap Plate, Treeseed Necklace, Windbreaker, Wooden Armband, Wooden Chestpiece, Wooden Shield, Wool Hat

Unthankful Statue, Back Scratcher*, Pot Stand*,
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