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"Merde... really now..."

Tear is an advisor fairy/loan-shark who works for the Terme Finance Company sent to collect the debt owed by Recette's household. Rather than immediately claim the house Recette lives in and leave her homeless, instead, Tear helps Recette convert her house into the item shop named "Recettear", in an attempt to help pay off Recette's father's loans.

Tear serves as the game's second protagonist alongside Recette and doles out information and lectures on game mechanics when required. Tear also serves partly as the game's antagonist at the same time; if Recette fails to keep up payments, Tear will repossess the house, leaving Recette on the streets!


Official Character Biography

Recette's straight-laced, long-suffering fairy advisor. She's the one who has been sent to collect on the loan Recette's father has seemingly skipped out on. Seeing that Recette had no way of paying her back immediately, Tear is the one who suggested starting the item shop. There are times she wonders if this was such a good idea, though...

Tear is a fairy, not a human. As such, she doesn't really think like a human and there are times when the behavior of Recette or others absolutely mystifies her. She's cool and analytical, but she isn't cruel; she seems to honestly want to help Recette, in addition to getting the loan repaid.

Additional Information

Tear is generally prim and straight-laced, and cannot help but admire Recette's optimism, even if her behavior makes Tear groan most of the time.

Caillou describes her race as "physically slight and at a disadvantage against larger creatures" along with "innately talented at administration and management". Fairies are possibly the only nonhuman race to easily adapt to human culture by utilizing their unique talents.

Conversation with Griff reveals that Tear is of a class of fairy who was specifically raised and educated on the social mores of human society, with only the most apt and able who can prevent their own instincts around humans and act in a manner deemed acceptable by humans. This was to prevent a repeat of the near genocide of their race from persecution by humanity due to the reputation of fairies being devious tricksters.

Recette also insisted that Griff had a crush on Tear. She said that sometimes guys tease girls to show their affection. Griff told Recette that she misunderstood him because of that. Later on when Griff enters your shop to give you his card, Recette said that is it the moment she's been waiting for? Will Griff propose to Tear? She is wrong again, he just came to give her his card from Charme's suggestion.

Tear is something of a kuudere, as she's usually cold, but still shows a soft side at times.