Soul Ring
Soul Ring
Item box
The holy fire within this ring will prevent the wearer from dying; this will break the ring.
Type Rings
Base price 200000 pix
Buyback price
High:  72000 pix
Normal:  60000 pix
Low:  48000 pix



Can be used to create Majestic Clothes Majestic Clothes (Rank 5 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Panda SuitPanda Suit 1
Phoenix GarbPhoenix Garb 1
Soul RingSoul Ring 1


As the rarest ring in the game, the Soul Rings effect is much more significant than the other rings in the game. When the adventurer loses all their HP, they will automatically be revived with full health. This makes it extremely helpful to keep on as a precaution or when you're in a tight spot, as you will still keep all your items. It is also one of the ingredients required for the Majestic Clothes though, so it is recommended to try and save the first ring obtained for this recipe.

The Soul Ring does have several serious weaknesses, the most glaring of which is its rarity. It has an extrememly low drop rate in dungeon chests, which makes it ludicrously difficult to farm. This makes it imperative to try and protect the player as much as possible to prevent wasted Soul Rings. 

Another problem of the Soul Ring is that if the player wants to equip it, he/she will have to sacrifice an armor slot, which makes the player more vulnerable. This lowers the effectiveness of the Soul Ring considerably, as the player will be taking much more damage, which may result in the ring to be used too easily. 

Lastly, due to the fact that it breaks immediately upon use, the player will be unable to use it more than once. This further emphasizes the need to be careful when facing enemies. 

Overall, the Soul Ring is a useful ring with an outstanding ability. Players must be cautious when in combat, but its power can potentially save your life and your items.

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