Slime Liver
Slime Liver
Item box
We're all pretty sure this is the liver of a larger slime. Or is it a heart? Or a kidney? Or...
Type Ingredients
Base price 1800 pix
Buyback price
High:  648 pix
Normal:  540 pix
Low:  432 pix



Can be used to create Knight's Helm Knight's Helm (Rank 1 Helm)

Ingredient Amount
Warrior's HelmWarrior's Helm 1
StatueThankful Statue 1
Slime LiverSlime Liver 1

Can be used to create Holy Knight Helm Holy Knight Helm (Rank 2 Helm)

Ingredient Amount
Knight's HelmKnight's Helm 1
Bone HelmBone Helm 1
Slime LiverSlime Liver 10

Additional notes

  • Considering the Knight's Helm as an interim Holy Knight Helm means there is no conflict on what to use Slime Liver for.
  • As these will drop in boss rushes long after you stop needing them for new items, the excess can be used for fusion to sell. Per Slime Liver, it is more profitable to fuse and sell 11 Knight's Helm than 1 Holy Knight Helm:
    • Fusing a Knight's Helm gives a profit of 4695 plus margin per Slime Liver
    • Fusing a Holy Knight Helm gives a profit of 3063 plus margin per Slime Liver, after removing the value of the Bone Helm that could have been sold separately. This figure reduces further if you include the margin on the sale of the Bone Helm.
  • Fusing a lot of Knight's Helm to sell to use excess Slime Liver also helps get rid of excess Thankful Statues at the same time.

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