Shields are a type of Equipment that can only be used by Louie and Nagi. A strong defensive accessory, similar to Bracelets but more biased toward DEF than MDEF.

List of Shields

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Wooden Shield 245 350 0 6 0 0 The classic standby of the newbie adventurer. Cheap, solid, and smells of pine! Piece of Armor
Common Shield 840 1,200 0 9 0 2 You'll see these in town all the time, as they're the standard shield for just about everyone. Metal ; Piece of Armor
Big Shield 1,960 2,800 0 12 0 4 It's bigger, more protective... and heavier. Few people mind, though, if it keeps them alive. Metal ; Piece of Armor
Paella Pan 4,900 0 14 0 10 A ponderous pan for preparing a perfect paella! And... hmm... it's pretty sturdy... Metal ; Piece of Armor Level 1 Fusion
Knight Shield 5,740 8,200 0 18 0 8 A man-sized shield intended to invoke awe in those who gaze upon it. Even if it doesn't, it's very strong. Metal ; Piece of Armor
Salamander Shield 13,900 4 16 0 14

Made from the scales of volcano beasts. Hard but suprisingly light, and warm to the touch.

Decoration ; Warm ; Piece of Armor
Pearl Shield 11,200 16,000 -5 22 0 22 Forged of a single great pearl, this shield gives the bearer the protection of the waves. Also repels swine. Precious Metal ; Decoration ; Piece of Armor
Jade Shield 20,300 29,000 0 28 0 18 Listen closely, and you might hear the wind singing from the edges of this shield. Precious Metal ; Decoration ; Piece of Armor
Runic Defender 51,600 0 34 0 28 Found in the deepest corner of ruins, this shield is engraved with glowing runes of protection. Decoration ; Piece of Armor Level 2 Fusion
Hevelius 83,100 0 42 0 36 Forged of a star that fell from the sky. Resists all elements, and seemingly has none of its own. Metal ; Rare ; Piece of Armor
Amber Shield 124,700 -10 50 10 48 A shield with amber embedded in the center. Ancient spirits are said to inhabit the amber, even now. Precious Metal ; Decoration ; Rare ; Piece of Armor Level 4 Fusion
Legendary Shield 194,000 0 62 0 50 This shield has shown up in a variety of legends. It is a companion to legends... including you. Metal ; Rare ; Piece of Armor
Blue Line Shield 285,000 0 76 -15 62 The old shield of the Golden Knight. There's one with a red line too, but this one is better. Holy ; Metal ; Piece of Armor
Sealed Shield 395,000 16 85 0 34 A demon who could not be defeated is sealed within this shield. It still influences the users' thoughts. Sinister ; Rare ; Piece of Armor
TH Shield 542,000 0 100 0 70 The "Total Horror" Shield, born of fusion. It manifests the user's own psyche to protect him. Metal ; Rare ; Piece of Armor Level 5 Fusion
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