Rocket Boots
Rocket Boots
Item box
Equipped with incredibly dangerous ancient technology, these shoes cannot be safely worn by a human.
Type Shoes
Equippable by Arma
Base price 300000 pix
Buyback price
High:  108000 pix
Normal:  90000 pix
Low:  72000 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 4 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Jet BootsJet Boots 2
Dream KaleidoscopeDream Kaleidoscope 1

Additional Notes

  • The only pair of shoes that Arma can wear as well as completely exclusive to her. When equipped, they increase her regular walking speed substantially.
  • Since Arma can't dash like other characters, the Rocket Boots increase Arma's ability to maneuver considerably at the cost of an equipment slot. Since Arma can equip heavy armor and helmets and can fight at long range, she can get away with sacrificing defense a bit more than Charme and Griff could with the Jet Boots.

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