Rings are a type of Equipment wearable by all Adventurers. However, an adventurer who buys a ring in the shop won't equip it. Rings can have a +X, but since they have no stat this has no effect (other than when they are used as ingredients for a fusion).
They have various effects that triggers at appropriate times and break randomly on use, becoming a Broken Ring.

List of Rings

Purchase Price
Categories Notes
Broken Ring
A shattered ring that has lost any value it once had. Could it be repaired somehow?... No effect Ring
Willpower Ring 4,200
This ring's power enhances the wearer's willpower, allowing him to shrug off physical blows. It can break. 1/2 Phys. damage taken Ring ; Accessory
Evoker's Ring 4,900
This ring's power enhances the wearer's magical power. It can break if the user is unlucky. 1/2 Mag. damage taken Holy ; Ring ; Accessory
Purity Ring 5,600
This ring allows the wearer to cleans himself of status ailments. It can break. Negates status ailments Ring ; Accessory
Healing Ring 7,000
This ring's power heals the wearer over time. It can break if the user is unlucky. Restores 25% of max HP when going under 50% Ring ; Accessory Level 1 Fusion
Meditation Ring 7,000
This ring's power restores the wearer's mental power over time. It can break. Restores 25% of max SP when going under 50% Holy ; Ring ; Accessory
Graceful Ring 21,000
This ring's power makes the wearer's movements graceful, preventing a waste of energy. It can break. Halves SP consumption Ring ; Accessory
Thief's Ring 7,000
This ring's power allows the user to detect and disarm traps. It can break. Disarms Chest-Traps when opened Ring ; Accessory
Mystery Ring
This ring's power... uh... That's a good question. Try it and see. It can break Chance to upgrade Chest's content to a rare drop Sinister ; Ring ; Accessory Level 2 Fusion
Soul Ring
The holy fire within this ring will prevent the wearer from dying; this will break the ring. Revives when worn on death Holy ; Ring ; Accessory 100% chance to break on use

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