The start of item shop Recettear!
Capitalism, ho!

"So put 'Recette' and 'Tear' together and... 'Recettear'!" -- Recette Lemongrass

Recettear is the name of the item shop managed by partners Recette Lemongrass and Tear, and the location where most of the game takes place.

The name Recettear is also the title of the game.



"Tear, what is child labor?"


Originally a simple house on top of a hill, in order to prevent the Terme Finance Company from seizing her home, Recette Lemongrass is forced to convert her house into an item shop and become a merchant due to the debts of her father, who left home three months ago to become a hero and go on adventures.

With the item shop suddenly open for business and no experience in the lore of shopkeeping, Recette, along with Tear, her new partner and loan-shark/financial advisor fairy, must obtain and sell items to customers in order to reach the weekly debt target or risk losing her house!

The item shop is named Recettear, a portmanteau from the names of the two sudden partners Recette and Tear, and is located in the city of Pensee, where it is situated very close by to a hub network of guilds and markets.

Features of an item shop

Front Door

The front door is where customers come into the store to purchase or sell items. It is also where Recette and Tear leave to gather supplies, visit town, or go dungeon crawling. The front door will change its position depending on how large the shop is expanded later on in the game.

Transaction Counter

The Counter is where Recette takes orders at and opens up shop. For the duration of the shop's opening, Recette cannot move from that location while customers browse the shop for items they may be interested in.

Initially, the only option from the counter is to open up shop. With a higher Merchant Level, Recette can change the wallpaper, the flooring, the carpet and move or change tables.

At the counter is also where haggling takes place, as Recette attempts to profit as much as possible from the customers in order to reach her ever-increasing target debts each week.

Display Counters/Tables

Counters or tables are where items are placed on display for customers to buy. What is placed on the counters will affect how customers perceive the store. The counter is able to be changed later on, affecting the atmosphere of the shop. They can also be moved later on, if the positioning is not to the player's liking. Counters can also later on be converted to venders, allowing a counter of four to now sell up to ten items, at the cost of only selling at base price and no interaction with customers.

Showcase Counters

The counters by the main window are considered a showcase area. They are visible to people outside the shop and serves as the main lure of the shop if eye-catching items are placed there. In a way, the showcase counters are considered the 'face' of the store and can greatly affect business.

Showcase items will affect the atmosphere of the shop depending on the items in question, and can pull in different customers.

Placing four of an item that is "booming" in the showcase slots will result in a crowd of people asking you for that item. This can be used to sell items in great numbers, and rack up the Just Price Bonus.