One Shot Wonder
One Shot Wonder.png
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The result of miracle fusion, the arrows shot from this bow turn into light and blast the target to dust.
Type Bows
Equippable by Tielle
Effect ATK+180
Base price 1130000 pix
Buyback price
High:  406800 pix
Normal:  339000 pix
Low:  271200 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 5 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Crescent Bow.pngCrescent Bow 1
Succubus Bow.pngSuccubus Bow 1
Large Fang.pngLarge Fang 3

Additional Notes

  • This bow will probably be created with a +10~15 bonus inherited from the Crescent Bow, making it even better.

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