Nagi, Lancer adventurer

Nagi is a Lancer who can be hired as an adventurer.

Nagi is well-mannered, kind and a great cook, but has the worst sense of direction in the entire world. She's first seen roaming aimlessly through dungeons without even realizing she entered one. Once she manages to leave the place, she becomes a regular at Recettear and gives Recette her card since she's aware that, eventually, she'll lose her way and end up in another dungeon anyway.

Charme notes that Nagi is much more intelligent than she seems. It's also mentioned that she's from a country far to the east and it's implied that she ended up in Pensee through an incredibly long series of wrong turns.


In-game Description

Eastern lance-wielder. Her lance
gives her significant reach.
Bit of an airhead, however.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 15 Lancer
HP 66 Equipment
SP 52 Laundry Pole
Attack 27 Clothes
Defense 29 Wooden Armband
Magic 13 Treeseed Necklace
MDef 20 -empty slot-

Maximum stats

Level 99 Lancer
HP 372 - 572 Optimum equipment
SP 294 Nature's Grace
Attack 85 Devil's Will
Defense 84 Four Seasons
Magic 63 Asuran Helm
MDef 75 Omnicharm

Nagi can equip the following:

Spears Hats
Clothes1 Helms4
Breastplates Charms
Armor2 Necklaces
Bracelets3 Shoes5
Shields Rings6

1: Except Hood's Outfit, Gentleman's Suit
2: Except Iron Armor, Knight Armor, Armadillo Armor, Chobham Armor, Ancient Armor, Guardian Armor, Invincible Armor
3: Except Spiked Armband
4: Except Warrior's Helm, Knight's Helm, Bone Helm, Full Helm, Ancient Helm, Alleus, Golden Helm, Arcadian Helm
5: Except Jet Boots, Rocket Boots
6: She will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


  • Nagi can be found randomly during dungeon trips after the 9th day (colored pink in the map). For a dialogue, the adventurer must touch her.
  • She cannot appear in Boss Rushes.
  • Every dungeon floor has the same chance to spawn her, making Hall of Trials and Jade Way the easiest dungeons (small maps).
  • After speaking with Nagi inside a dungeon four times (first conversation; second conversation about her buying scallions at the market; third conversation being introduction and giving directions to the shop; fourth conversation about how she's still looking for the shop), there will be an event where she turns up at the shop.
  • Once her reputation is increased, she will give her Business Card to Recette.


Nagi is a bit tricky to use since her standard attack has no arc, but with a bit of practice she can be quite powerful. She's a strong substitute for those who enjoy Charme's speed, but don't like how fragile she can be.


Nagi moves with average speed. She swings and recovers at a slightly below-average rate.


Nagi strikes with great power and with a very long reach, but has no arc. The active area of her attack is thicker than you might think, is asymmetric, but is still rather precise. It's possible to cancel her attack into skills, but this requires a bit of timing.

Note: Nagi's attack appears to not have an arc though when tested it seems to actually have an arc or more precisely a shaped like a pie slice with the point at Nagi and the big area the spear-tip. The way it seems to work is that it is an offset attack. The center of the attack instead of being Nagi herself it becomes the back of the spear-tip. So if you attack into a Knight's shield and the spear-tip is on the back of the knight you will damage it. If you are attacking the back of the knight and your spear-tip is on the side that the shield is on then it will be blocked. Additionally the closer the target is to Nagi the less area you have to attack with and the more precise you need to be. This offset attack really makes her a very awkward character to use if you are used to one of the other melee characters.


Nagi has a slightly above-average defense and a solid amount of Hit Points. Since she can equip shields, her defense can be much higher than other adventurers in her armor class. Her superior range enables her to dispatch most enemies long before their attacks are able to reach her.


Nagi can run by double tapping a direction. She can strafe while running, but cannot change direction. If Nagi hits an enemy with the spear while running, she does a little damage to it, and jumps back a step, but does not fall over.


Nagi will automatically block ranged physical attacks, like the nuts thrown by Gnolls, if she faces them head-on. This ability becomes useless in later dungeons, as most ranged monsters begin using magical attacks.


Nagi's skills round her out tremendously and her solid amount of SP means that you don't need to be as cautious with their use as, say, with Louie.

Flame Charge

Nagi bathes her lance in flame and charges forth!

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Quickly charge forward, dealing below-average damage to all in her way.
  • Useful for breaking away from monsters that have surrounded her.

Hundred Thrusts

Nagi thrusts with the spear faster than the eye can see!

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 8 SP
  • Attacks all enemies in front of her many times over, knocking them back. The damage from several hits adds up quickly and kills most monsters in one go.
  • It cannot be canceled once it starts, so it should be used only when there are no enemies flanking her.
  • Note that a couple bosses become temporarily invulnerable after getting hit a couple times, making this a very bad choice against them.

Spin Slash

Slash while spinning about. Nagi's spear gives this good range.

  • Level: 20.
  • Cost: 10 SP
  • A circular slash similar to Louie's, but has a longer radius and deals less damage.

Vacuum Spear

Nagi rips open a hole in the air and fires it forward as a wave.

  • Level: 30.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • A projectile with wide breadth and long range that deals superior damage.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 4 Light, 3 Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Spears, Bracelets, Charms, Books, Food
  • Budget: 7,200-360,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening


  • Nagi may be modeled after the character Isumi Saginomiya from the popular manga/anime series Hayate no Gotoku!! as they both have an abysmal sense of direction, similar dress, and conceal tremendous powers while appearing air-headed. Incidentally, Nagi also has the same name as the female lead of the series.
  • The skill Hundred Thrusts' icon looks similar to Vocaloid mascot Hatsune Miku.
  • Nagi's name is one vowel away from 'negi' - spring onion, which is also considered Hatsune Miku's character item. Furthermore, Nagi went to buy scallions at one point (spring onions are also called scallions).
  • Further name speculation: "nagi" is short for the term "naginata" which refers to a specific type of polearm. Seeing as Nagi uses lances, this could also be where the EGS team got the idea for her name.
  • Nagi shows up as one of two of the only pink arrows the player will ever see during the game for the map in the dungeon (the other being Alouette and her dungeoneers within the dungeon).

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