Merchant's Guild map

Merchant's guild as it appears on the town map.

The Merchant's Guild is your first point of call upon starting a new game. It is one of two places in Pensee where you can purchase items for your store, the other being the Market.

The guild is run by the Guild Master who is also a customer. Note that he is no less likely to purchase anything you just bought from the guild than anyone else is.


The items sold by the Merchant's Guild depends on your Merchant Level.

Some weapons like Arma's Parts and Griff's Claws are not sold until the hero using them is recruited.

Initially the guild stocks 2-5 Tier 0 items and 1 Tier 1 item. Once you reach Merchant Level 4, Tier 0 and Tier 1 become unlimited and Tier 2 is accessed with 1 item in stock. Each consecutive time the previous Tiers become unlimited and the newest Tier stocks only a single item. There are certain exceptions to this rule:

  • Giant's Fist, Spellclaw and Drill Arm remain in limited supply at Tier 4.
  • There is no Tier 5 Arm Part.
  • There are 2 Tier 5 Clothes.
Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Swords Worn Sword Longsword Steel Sword Knight's Blade Crystal Sword Demonbane
Daggers Rusty Dagger Crafter's Knife Thief's Knife Pure Edge Fullblade Tuna Shanker
Staves Focus Staff Magician's Staff Pretty Wand Perfume Staff Cane's Staff Club
Bows Wooden Bow Longbow Composite Bow Hurricane Bow Ace's Bow Harp Bow
Spears Laundry Pole Iron Spear Practice Lance Grand Naginata Platinum Halberd Whalekiller
Gloves Leather Glove Sturdy Glove Silver Gauntlet Giant's Fist White Gauntlet
Claws Evil Claw Steel Claw Catclaw Spellclaw "Fall from Grace"
Arm Parts Punch Unit Hammer Arm Gatling Unit Drill Arm
Clothes Clothes Windbreaker Tough Clothes Silk Clothes Battle Sweater Hood's Outfit, Sailor Suit
Robes Raincoat Cloth Robe Thick Robe Wizard's Robe Fur Robe Spirit-beast Robe
Breastplates Scrap Plate Wooden Chestpiece Shell Chestpiece Steel Breastplate Sandwich Plate Rainbow Mail
Armor Leather Armor Iron Armor Parade Armor Silver Armor Chobham Armor Ancient Armor
Bracelets Wooden Armband Iron Armband Spiked Armband Strongarm Band Fairy Bracelet Superarm Band
Shields Wooden Shield Common Shield Big Shield Knight Shield Pearl Shield Jade Shield
Hats Wool Hat Cloth Hat Warm Hat Scale Hat Pirate Hat Magical Hat
Helms Wooden Helm Warrior's Helm Parade Helm Silver Helm Full Helm Ancient Helm
Charms Souvenir Charm Standard Charm Popular Charm Sand Charm Shell Charm Wing Charm


Any item can be sold back to the Guild for 30% of the base value. High/Low price trends push this to 36% and 24% respectively, though still a considerable loss.


Fusion unlocks at Merchant Level 5 and can be used to craft powerful items that cannot be obtained through other means. For more information visit the Fusion page.


The guild master offers wordy tutorials for the topics.

  • What is the guild?
  • What can I do here?
  • About merchant levels
  • About the town
  • About unknown items
  • About fusion

These should be read on a first playthrough but can otherwise be ignored.

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