Meditation Ring
Meditation Ring
Item box
This ring restores the wearer's mental power over time. It can break.
Type Rings
Effect Restore SP when it's low
Base price 10000 pix
Purchase price
High:  8400 pix
Normal:  7000 pix
Low:  5600 pix
Buyback price
High:  3600 pix
Normal:  3000 pix
Low:  2400 pix



If the wearer uses a skill while wearing the ring, and the wearer's SP ends up below 50%, it will restore 25% of the wearer's SP.

Additional Notes

It will only activate at the time of skill usage. It will not activate twice with one skill use even if the wearer's SP ends up below 50% after it activates.

There may be a cap on how much SP is restored.

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