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Louie is a Swordsman who can be hired as an adventurer.

He is a young upstart struggling with his fledgling career when Recette and Tear meet early in the game. They offer to help Louie brave the Hall of Trials so that he can obtain his Adventurer's Guild Card if he agrees to adventure with them in the future. Once he does, he becomes their first available adventurer. After the Hall of Trials is completed, Louie's fee increases with his level--however he will never require more pix than you have. This can be taken advantage of by buying items before going adventuring with him or two dungeon dives in one day.

Louie's hometown lies somewhere in the frigid north, which might explain his disposition towards warm-weather gear.


  • Event 1: After Day 2, when you visit the Adventurer's Guild, you will meet Louie as he struggles to defeat the Hall of Trials.
  • Re-enter the Adventurer's Guild and take Louie into The Hall of Trials, and make it to (5F).
  • Event 2: Open the chest at (5F), and Louie earns his Adventurer's Guild license, and gives his first Business Card to Recette.


Adventurer's Guild description : Brave but poor adventurer. Balanced and easy to control. Uses swords, shields, and armor.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 1
HP 20 Equipment
SP 10 Worn Sword
Attack 18 Leather Armor
Defense 27 Wooden Shield
Magic 4 Old Muffler
MDef 6 -empty slot-

Maximum stats

Level 99
HP 451 Equipment
SP 98 Heaven's Blade
Attack 91 Invincible Armor
Defense 93 Four Seasons
Magic 49 Arcadian Helm
MDef 66 Omnicharm

Stat progression

Louie is the first adventurer to be unlocked. He is balanced in almost every way and has no major weaknesses. He's also the most straightforward adventurer to play as. If attempting to enter a dungeon with no money, Louie is the only one who will work for free. He starts off with one skill unlocked, the Spin Slash.

  • HP: Louie has very good HP.
  • SP: Louie has little SP. Although his skills cost just 5 SP each, they should still be saved for when they are really important or when level up is near, otherwise he will quickly run out SP.
  • Attack: Louie's own Attack is below average. Fortunately, he gets some decent attack from swords. Getting the best possible sword as soon as possible is important.
  • Defense: Having a very good defense of his own, along with being able to equip the heaviest equipment, makes Louie's defense the highest of all.
  • Magic: Louie's Magic is the lowest, but that doesn't matter much, since his skills are physical attacks.
  • Magic Defense: His own MDef is quite good enough, even without charms, a charm is better than a scarf to get the best MDef, but it may be hard to get him to buy a charm in Recettear, since he usually favors scarves.

Available equipment

Louie can equip the following:

Swords Hats
Clothes1 Helms
Breastplates2 Charms
Armor Scarves
Bracelets3 Shoes4
Shields Rings5

1: Except Sailor Suit, Gothic Outfit
2: Except Valkyrie Plate
3: Except Maiden's Bracelet
4: Except Jet Boots, Heavenly Heels, Rocket Boots
5: He will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


Louie moves at average speed, and cannot equip the the Jet Boots. His recovery rate is average. He also cannot dash. This may pose a problem on largest dungeon floors where the exit needs to be found swiftly. On smaller levels the rare long dead ends may prove dangerous.


Louie's standard attack has solid range, average speed, superb damage and a wide arc of over 270 degrees, allowing him to attack enemies at in front of him, one of his sides and part the other side and his back. This also enables him to hit multiple enemies with ease. His standard attack is easily cancellable into any of his skills. To cancel an attack into a skill, attack an enemy and use the skill just before hitting them, if done correctly, the skill will instantly follow the attack, without having to wait for its cooldown.


Block: "If hit by any non-magical ranged attack from the front while not attacking, Louie will block it with his shield." Notes:

  • Although the in-game description states that it only affects non-magical attacks, many attacks that seem magical are affected by this ability. Louie will automatically block most ranged attacks that hit him in the front, as long as he isn't attacking. This includes the Dark Knights' Vacuum Blade, fireballs from red ghosts, rocks thrown by gnolls, and the halos from ranged attacks by purple slimes, statues and eye-bats.
  • Attacks that come from above or below, such as the Green Ghosts' flames, Bomb homing flames or falling rocks from traps, cannot be blocked no matter which direction Louie faces.
  • Considering his average reach, this is a huge boon for closing in for the kill on ranged attackers, since Louie can move and still block as long as he is facing the direction the ranged attack comes from.


Controls Louie.jpg

Louie's above-average defense and health as well as his superior standard attack come at the cost the lowest amount of SP and only two skills. Those skills he has, however, are rather handy.

Spin Slash

"Slash while spinning about. Useful when surrounded."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Speed: Activates instantly. Has a 0.6 second cooldown.
  • Notes: A circular slash, attacking all foes around him for extra damage. The range is similar to his normal attack, but affecting a full circle around him.  This also gives him invincibility during the duration of the skill.

Vacuum Blade

"Louie's mighty swing cuts the air. Useful against distant targets."

  • Level: 10
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Speed: Activates instantly. Has a 0.5 second cooldown.
  • Notes: Fires a crescent-shaped projectile which travels the length of the screen for normal damage. Can be fired in any of 4 directions, but not diagonally.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 0 Light/Dark, 10 Plain
  • Likes: Shields, Helms, Scarves, Food, Medicines
  • Budget: 1,200-60,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening, Night
  • Buys around 108% - 112%, depending on progression in game. (108% is often near pin in early game.) However, I manage to get him to buy items from me at around 125-130% reliably even on the first week of the game. He doesn't sell items much for me, but I would go for buying from him for 47%. However, some players report that he doesn't always sell for half price: "believe me, he has stormed out of my shop for many an occasion, so play safe and buy at around 75%, especially if it's a really nice item, like a Peach Tin, Golden Scales, or even a Very Odd Vase if you're lucky (I'm assuming you're in Story Mode. In Story Mode, having these items are crucial. Also keep in mind I haven't gotten to the last week in Story Mode, either, so if these items are useless by then that's why. But the Very Odd Vase is always helpful)."


  • From conversations with Elan in the Pub, Louie hails from the northern kingdoms where snow is frequent and heavy. Louie admits he has been stranded in front of his own house a number of times. This may also explain his love of Scarves.
  • In the original Japanese version of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, Louie is known as Lui, which is French for "him" as in "that generic guy". However, in the English version, his name is Louie, which means "great warrior".
  • Louie's playstyle may be a reference to Link of The Legend of Zelda fame, specifically his 2D incarnations. His special moves are a spinning slash (Link used this by charging up) and a sword beam (used at full health). In addition, his sword hand changes when he faces to the right, like Link did in the Game Boy entries of the series.

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