Recettear contains 33 types of items for the player to obtain, use, and/or sell.

Items have types and categories. For example, the Wool Hat's type is hats, and some of its categories are: hats and something warm. When clients request an item, they don't usually say the name or type of the item, instead, they ask for items that satisfy a category.

Each saved game has a limit of around 15,000 items. Similar items count for that limit, even if they appear stacked in the list of items. Over that limit, no more items can be obtained unless some are removed from the inventory first.

For more in-depth information on Items you can visit here.

For items that are red, sell them at 250% plus the percentage of how much you'd normally sell to that person.
The girl for instance, you'd sell a red named item to her for about 264% give or take a little seeing as her highest percentage is 114% just add the 14% to the 250%.
For Arma you can sell red items to her at about 280% seeing as she accepts items sold to her at about 130%.

Sometimes they aren't willing to go at that price so be prepared to go below the 250% mark. Which isn't such a big deal seeing as its a lot more than what you'd usually have for that item.
Prime is a good example of this.

For guaranteed sales, just double the base price that you'd normally sell to that person for.


Only one weapon can be equipped at a time.

Swords Daggers Staves Bows
Spears Gloves Claws Parts


Only four total wearable items can be equipped at a time, and only one item from each type can be worn at a time. There are other restrictions noted below on items that cannot be worn if an item of another type is already equipped.

Torso Armor

Only one type of torso armor (Clothes, Robes, Breastplates, or Armor) can be equipped at a time.

Clothes Robes Breastplates Armor

Other Armor

Only one type of wrist item (Bracelets or Shields) can be equipped at a time. Only one type of head item (Hats or Helms) can be equipped at a time.

Bracelets Shields Hats Helms

Accessories and Other Wearable Items

Charms Necklaces Rings
Capes Scarves Shoes


Shop Decorations

Flooring Wallpapers Counters Carpets


Treasures Books Medicines Cards


Ingredient Dropped by Rarity
Slime Fluid Slimes Common
Powerful Antivenom Ropers Common
Shark Fin Green Ropers Rare
Red Oil Orange Ropers Rare
Eternal Ice Blue Ropers Rare
Water Shroom Mushrooms Common
Bat Wing Eyebats Common
Fin Fan Eyebats Rare
Chestnut Gnolls Common
Charred Lizard Chestnut Thrower Gnoll, Reginald Drisby v1 Rare
Special Inkwell Gnolls Rare
Insect Trap Bees Common
Fur Ball Snow Rabbits Common
Gaseous Grass Jack-o-lanterns Common
Herb Seed Jack-o-lanterns Rare
Broken Seal Ghosts Common
Ghost Tear Ghosts Rare
Gunpowder Bombs Common
Natural Heater Bombs, Will o' Wisps Rare
Flint Statues Common
Soft Stone Statues Rare
Toothpicks Knights, Skeletons Common
Void Crystal Grey Knights Rare
Water Crystal Blue Knights Rare
Earth Crystal Yellow Knights Rare
Air Crystal Green Knights Rare
Fire Crystal Red Knights Rare
Poison Crystal White Skeletons Rare
Paralysis Crystal Yellow Skeletons Rare
Slime Liver The Crowned Slime Common
Slime Stone The Crowned Slime, Grey Slime Rare
Tail Reginald Drisby Common
Large Fang Reginald Drisby (Lapis Ruins only) Rare
Flytrap Bulb Samhain Common
Medicine Base Samhain Rare
Coffee Beans Eyebat King Common
Brave Heart Eyebat King Rare
Tough Shell The Insect King, Volcanicrab Common
Insect King Shell The Insect King Rare
Jellystone Electrojelly Common
Big Screw Terran Golem, Arma, The Geddon Device Common
Tough Stone Terran Golem, Volcanicrab Rare
Darkness Crystal The Gauntlet Common
Wyvern Horn The Gauntlet Rare
Black Horn The Gauntlet, Arma, The Geddon Device (Lapis Ruins only) Rare
Gold Horn Arma, The Geddon Device (Lapis Ruins only) Rare
Salamander Scale Will o' Wisps Rare
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