Legendary Scarf
Legendary Scarf
Item box
The design of this muffler has been passed down through a certain guild for generations.
Type Scarves
Equippable by Louie, Caillou, Tielle, Elan
Effect DEF+8, MAG+4, MDEF+16
Base price 38000 pix
Buyback price
High:  13680 pix
Normal:  11400 pix
Low:  9120 pix



Can be used to create Holy Beast ScarfHoly Beast Scarf (Rank 2 Muffler)

Ingredient Amount
Legendary ScarfLegendary Scarf 1
TailTail 1
HoneyHoney 10

Additional Notes

The design of this scarf is based on the scarves worn by students of the Gryffindor House from the Harry Potter series.

Best scarf that can be purchased at the Market. Available at Merchant Level 23, albeit in limited quantities.

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