Jet Boots
Jet Boots
Item box
Boost with ancient speed-boosting technology attached. Only the most nimble should even try wearing these.
Type Shoes
Equippable by Charme, Griff
Base price 46000 pix
Buyback price
High:  16560 pix
Normal:  13800 pix
Low:  11040 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 3 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Platform ShoesPlatform Shoes 1
Ferromin LFerromin L 1
Mystery RingMystery Ring 3

Can be used to create Rocket Boots Rocket Boots (Rank 4 Shoes)

Ingredient Amount
Jet BootsJet Boots 2
Dream KaleidoscopeDream Kaleidoscope 1

Speed Boost Notes

The Jet Boots are a unique piece of equipment in that they do not offer any stat bonuses, but instead have the effect of increasing your character's movement speed. After much testing, it has been proven that while these boots DO increase your speed, the effect is so negligible that it is practically worthless.

The following table lists the times with and without Jet Boots. The test was conducted on Amber Garden 30th Floor (Tielle Boss Fight Room). The time is how long it takes to move from the very bottom to the top of the stage. A Jet Boots+4 and a Jet Boots+15 were used to prove that there is no difference with Fusion bonuses. All tests were conducted using Charme.

None Jet Boots+4 Jet Boots+15
Lap One 11.53s 10.35s 10.46s
Lap Two 11.52s 10.38s 10.53s
Lap Three 11.47s 10.38s 10.45s
------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Lap One 7.61s 7.03s 7.03s
Lap Two 7.68s 7.08s 7.32s
Lap Three 7.67s 7.18s 6.97s

Additional Notes

  • Two pairs of Jet Boots are required to create Rocket Boots.
  • Only Charme and Griff can wear Jet Boots to increase their movement speed, however, it should be noted that this also takes a slot that could be used to boost other attributes such as DEF which may leave them more vulnerable in the more difficult dungeons in the game.

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