Hats are a type of Equipment that can be used by all adventurers.

List of Hats

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Wool Hat 175 250 0 3 0 0 A common knitted hat. Still better than nothing if you need some head protection.
Cloth Hat 560 800 0 5 0 2 A stylish hat made of thick cloth. Popular with young male runaways (and, uh, girls who dress like them).
Warm Hat 1,120 1,600 0 8 0 6 The thread in this hat is a bit expensive, but it does a great job at keeping your ears warm.
Sam's Hat 3,800 -2 10 0 8 A massive hat that will fill you with patriotic fervor. Some people consider it a bit tacky though. Level 1 Fusion
Scale Hat 4,410 6,300 0 12 0 10 A hat with tough scales sewn into the front. Scales of WHAT, the craftsman won't say...
Pirate Hat 6,440 9,200 4 15 0 12 The wide-brimmed classic of the high seas, you'd think the skull & bones would scare people, but it's popular.
Magical Hat 9,240 13,200 0 18 5 20 Hats of this type are popular with mages, and go well with robes. A certain fortune-teller used to own this.
Santa Hat 23,900 0 20 0 18 The hat of that beloved saint, everyone who sees this hat feels their hear fill with joy.
Angel Hat 37,000 6 22 0 24 A holy, feathered hat supposedly worn by a divine warrior. Despite the wings, it can't fly. Level 2 Fusion
Ishtoril 68,800 0 28 0 26 An oddly shaped hat whose design shows up in carvings in the ruins. Seems to glow with ever-increasing power.
Kitty Hood 109,000 -4 38 0 28 Discovered in the ruins. Beloved by girls. Very hard to make a proper copy of, for some reason.
Topknot Hat 155,000 6 40 6 40 A hat that arranges your hair in a specific way. Quite good at keeping you safe, but you may look silly. Level 4 Fusion
Emperor's Crown 213,000 -10 52 15 47 The crown of a divine being known as the Holy Emperor. Wearing it fills your mind with images of grandeur.
Assassin's Hood 283,000 15 50 0 20 A full-face covering hood used by assassins... not to hide their identities, but the bloodstains...
Hat of Innocence 360,000 0 64 0 58 This fusion-created hat fills the wearer with hope and optimism, and the power to tackle any obstacle. Level 5 Fusion
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