Hammer Arm
Hammer Arm
Item box
Instead of a hand, an iron ball. Clearly made this way to be destructive and not out of laziness.
Type Parts
Equippable by Arma
Effect ATK+16, DEF+2, MDEF-4
Base price 5000 pix
Buyback price
High:  1800 pix
Normal:  1500 pix
Low:  1200 pix



When used, a ball pops out and starts rotating around Arma. She can fire up to 6 shots, after which the ball will fly out. The ball disappears once it hits an enemy and consumes 1 Ammo. The balls will keep spinning even if Arma switches weapons, dealing the same damage as her currently equipped part. This makes it useful for defensive purposes, as the balls will hurt enemies that get too close, while still giving Arma full control of herself. 

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