Gumball Unit
Gumball Unit
Item box
Initially created to dispense candy and happiness to children. It "dispenses" awfully fast, though...
Type Parts
Equippable by Arma
Effect ATK+82, DEF+7, MAG-7, MDEF+7
Base price 92000 pix
Buyback price
High:  33120 pix
Normal:  27600 pix
Low:  22080 pix


Dungeon Chest: Lapis Ruins, Crystal Nightmare.


A bug prevents this weapon from hitting the Slime King when it has reached its smallest size.


Arma fires off large round bullets in a wide arc in the direction she is facing. It has a rather large spread, making it more useful when used at point blank. It is generally poor at fighting enemies farther away though due to this. Regardless, it is a fairly useful part that can be used as a strong subsitute for the Drill Arm.

The Gumball Unit is useful for the Tielle boss fight, as with the amount of bullets flying out, many crates will be destroyed very quickly. Against Tielle herself, however, it is recommended to use a different weapon, as it requires Arma to be right next to her to deal reasonable amounts of damage.

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