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For Griff as a boss character, see: Griff (boss) and Griff & The Archdevil's Arm

Griff is an Assassin who can be hired as an adventurer.

He is initially half-heartedly antagonistic towards Recette and Tear, and appears as a boss in the Obsidian Tower. After being defeated, he gives up and offers his mild friendship. Griff hates humans for their self-importance as a race and tendency to oppress other races, and he hates the fairies for submitting to them "Like a whipped dog before an overly-cruel master".


Griff appears

  • Griff is eventually encountered at night at the Town Square after Amber Garden is completed and a cutscene with Tear during midnight is played.
  • He must be met a second time at the Town Square, again, at night.
  • Griff will visit Recettear at evening or night if the atmosphere is leaning towards dark. He will not buy anything, but a cutscene will roll in which Griff issues a warning to Recette telling her to leave town immediately.
  • The next time Louie visits Recettear, he will tell Recette about Obsidian Tower's sudden appearance. Make the shop look plain to ensure Louie's visit.
  • Reach the 30th floor of the Obsidian Tower, and defeat Griff.
  • Reach the 50th floor of the Obsidian Tower, and defeat Griff & The Archdevil's Arm.
  • Once defeated, Griff will randomly appear by the shop as a customer, and can be befriended by making deals with him at prices he likes or by having his True Card. Once he is befriended, the next time he appears at the shop he will give his Business Card to Recette. Be sure to open the store in the evening or night, and make it look dark so Griff will visit.


Adventurer's Guild description:

A demonic assassin. His claw-based fighting style is sinister... and very effective.

Initial stats and equipment

Attribute Level Equipment
Level 30
HP 99
SP 159 Evil Claw
Attack 45 Scrap Plate
Defense 38 Cloth Cape
Magic 34 Summer Sandals
MDef 41 empty slot

Maximum stats

Level 99
HP 294 Optimum equipment
SP 490 Omnipotent Claw
Attack 88 Master's Plate
Defense 74 Infinite Cape
Magic 86 Hat of Innocence
MDef 104 Omnicharm

Stat progression

  • HP: Griff has below average HP.
  • SP: Griff has a large amount of SP, but his skills consume a lot of SP in exchange.
  • Attack: Griff has a decent attack power, and hits very hard with a good pair of claws.
  • Defense: Griff can only equip light armor, but has some defense of his own to compensate. Best Def when equipping Breastplates, Capes and Boots together.
  • Magic: Griff's Magic is second only to Caillou's.
  • Magic Defense: Since he can equip robes, his MDef can get quite high, sell him a good Charm for an extra boost in this stat.

Available equipment

Weapon Claws
Torso Clothes1 Robes Breastplates2
Head Hats
Other Charms Capes Shoes3 Rings4

1: Except Sailor Suit, Gothic Outfit
2: Except Valkyrie Plate
3: Except Heavenly Heels, Rocket Boots
4: He will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


Griff has an average movement speed, but can equip a pair of Jet Boots to move faster. When knocked down, he recovers very fast.

  • Dash: By double tapping forward, Griff will dash briefly. During his dash, Griff vanishes into thin air, becoming invisible. He can pass through enemies - but not through items or obstacles - and becomes invulnerable while invisible. Thus, it is a good way to avoid enemy attacks. It is possible to chain multiple dashes together by tapping the direction button once as the previous dash is ending. However, Griff will not be invisible (and hence invulnerable) for the entire period.


Griff's standard attack has better range than Louie's and arcs with a ~270 degree swing hitting a bit of a side, his front and all the other side.  It also seemingly hits slightly at a higher altitude as well allowing him to kill gnolls on top of boxes in the boss fight against Tielle as well as being able to kill Snow Rabbit without having to corner them. He hits rather hard and fast. 


Griff is recruited with all three of his skills already learned. His skill consume lots of SP, which is compensated by his high max SP.

Dark Claw : Griff charges forward, attempting to tear the enemy in two!

  • Level: already learned.
  • SP cost: 10
  • Speed: Activates in 0.6 seconds. Lasts 0.6 seconds.
  • Notes: Griff cannot be damaged during the whole duration of the skill. Deals roughly 150% of his normal attack damage. Can be used in all 8 directions.

Demon Soul: Griff becomes a demonic avatar of destruction... and can't use items!

  • Level: already learned.
  • SP cost: 20 (before patch 1.08 the cost was 10)
  • Speed: Activates in 0.25 seconds. Effect lasts 8 seconds.
  • Notes: During the duration of the effect, Attack, Defense and M.Defense are greatly increased and his attack speed is almost doubled. The range of his attacks is slightly increased too and cannot be knocked down. Items and skills cannot be used for the duration of the effect.
  • While the name of this skill is displayed as "Demon Soul" in his character information, the game also calls it "Dark Soul" when you attempt to use an item in its duration, potentially due to a localization error.

Vampire Vortex : Griff sucks foes into the darkness, stealing their precious HP!

  • Level: already learned.
  • SP cost : 30
  • Speed: Activates in 2 seconds. Effect lasts 4 seconds.
  • Notes: Griff will be interrupted if hit while activating, thus failing to cast the spell.
  • Once activated the effect works on its own, and Griff is free to do anything else, including activating this skill again. Griff shoots out a vortex in the direction he's facing, and enemies on range are pulled to its center. Only enemies that can be knocked down or stunned when hit are pulled. Any enemy that touches the center of the vortex is damaged, and any time an enemy is damaged that way, Griff receives a random part of that damage as HP. Griff can attack enemies held by the vortex to add more damage and finish them faster. Since it doesn't pull enemies that cannot be knocked or stunned when hit, like ropers, in order to damage them, Griff should move to the center of the Vortex so they follow him there.
  • Almost all bosses are vulnerable to this skill's suction effect. As such, an easy way to kill off groups of bosses is to activate this skill and Demon Soul in quick succession and go to town, since any damage you take will probably be healed by the damage taken by the bosses and their minions.The only bosses immune to this effect are Samhain and The Geddon Device. (Electrojelly is pulled by the effect but can't be damaged since the damagable parts remain outside the center)

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 13 Dark, 0 Plain/Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Claws, Bracelets, Capes, Rings, Ingredients, Books
  • Budget: 12,000-4,800,000
  • Active cycles: Evening, Night
  • Buy\Sell Percentage: He'll buy items from you at 110%


  • His Dark Claw's skill icon depicts Lei-Lei from Capcom's Darkstalker series of videogames. Lei Lei appears in another title by EasyGameStation, Dash Dash Lei Lei.
  • Griff's name is one E short of spelling "griffe", which is french for claw.
  • The icon for Griff's Vampiric Vortex attack is of Hazuki from the anime Tsukiyomi: Moon Phase. She's a vampire who often wears cat ears.

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