Goetia Robe
Goetia Robe.png
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Robe used by an infamous warlock. His strong will seems to radiate from the garment even today.
Type Robes
Equippable by Caillou, Elan, Griff
Effect DEF+56, MAG+8, MDEF+60
Base price 71500 pix
Buyback price
High:  25740 pix
Normal:  21450 pix
Low:  17160 pix



Can be used to create Wharf Coat.pngWharf Coat (Rank 4 Robe)

Ingredient Amount
Goetia Robe.pngGoetia Robe 1
Natural Heater.pngNatural Heater 10

Additional Notes

As this robe gives 12 more MAG than the Wharf Coat and only 22 less total defense (not including fusion bonuses), upgrading it before Pandemonium can be fused is of questionable benefit.

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