Fur Ball
Fur Ball
Item box
Small ball of fur with many uses, like insulation. Contrary to popular myth, it does not coo.
Type Ingredients
Base price 110 pix
Buyback price
High:  39.6 pix
Normal:  33 pix
Low:  26.4 pix



Can be used to create Adventure Clothes Adventure Clothes (Rank 1 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Tough ClothesTough Clothes 1
Fur BallFur Ball 5

Can be used to create Warm Robe Warm Robe (Rank 1 Robe)

Ingredient Amount
Warm hatWarm Hat 1
Fur BallFur Ball 3
Natural HeaterNatural Heater 1

Can be used to create Sams hat Sam's Hat (Rank 1 Hat)

Ingredient Amount
Cloth hatCloth Hat 1
Handknit MufflerHandknit Muffler 1
Fur BallFur Ball 5

Can be used to create Celebratory Wallpaper Celebratory Wallpaper (Rank 3 Wallpaper)

Ingredient Amount
WallpaperLaquer Walls 1
Romantic's CapeRomantic's Cape 2
Fur BallFur Ball 10

Can be used to create Tiger Carpet Tiger Carpet (Rank 3 Carpet)

Ingredient Amount
Ak-kai ClawAk-kai Claw 1
Cat StatueCat Statue 1
Fur BallFur Ball 10

Can be used to create Panda Suit Panda Suit (Rank 4 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Perfect ShirtPerfect Shirt 1
Fur BallFur Ball 20
Charred LizardCharred Lizard 10

Additional Notes

Making all fusion items requires 68 fur balls, as 4 Adventure Clothes are needed for other fusions.

They drop more fur balls in The Jade Way, but show up in significantly lower numbers as compared to other dungeons; there's not much difference in furballs per time spent between doing a complete Jade Way run and going through the last five floors of Amber Garden. The latter has the additional bonus of better equipment and chances to get Nut Mix drops.

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