Fire Crystal
Fire Crystal
Item box
While deprived of elemental power, this crystal still possesses a beautiful red color.
Type Ingredients
Base price 2000 pix
Buyback price
High:  720 pix
Normal:  600 pix
Low:  480 pix

How to get

  • Rare drop from Red Knights in the last floors of Obsidian Tower, Lapis Ruins and Crystal Nightmare.
  • Floor 95 of the Lapis Ruins contains the Knight Gauntlet. These Knights retain their normal drop rates for items, making it a great place to farm for crystals of all types, including Fire Crystals.


Can be used to create Flamethrower Flamethrower (Rank 1 Parts)

Ingredient Amount
Punch UnitPunch Unit 3
GunpowderGunpowder 10
Fire CrystalFire Crystal 1

Can be used to create Sun Armband Sun Armband (Rank 2 Bracelet)

Ingredient Amount
Power WristPower Wrist 1
Fire CrystalFire Crystal 2
Natural HeaterNatural Heater 2

Can be used to create Strong Concoction Strong Concoction (Rank 3 Medicine)

Ingredient Amount
Medicine BaseMedicine Base 1
Fire CrystalFire Crystal 1

Can be used to create Holy Sword Holy Sword (Rank 4 Sword)

Ingredient Amount
Arc SaberArc Saber 1
Fire CrystalFire Crystal 10

Additional Notes

  • Fire Crystals are generally considered the hardest to find crystals in the game outside of Darkness Crystals. This is primarily due to Red Knights being scarce throughout the majority final dungeons until the last few floors. This being the case, the "Red Gauntlet" on Floor 45 of the Lapis Ruins as well the "Knight Gauntlet" on Floor 95 of the same dungeon are recommended for Fire Crystal farming due to their large concentrations of Red Knights.

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