Eyebat King


The Eyebat King is the first boss you will encounter that also utilises regular foes as minions. It resembles a very large Eyebat with a crown on its head. There are a total of 3 encounters with this boss, each time adding an additional Eyebat King to the fight and improving the variety of Eyebats spawned along side it.



Location Number of Eyebat Kings Level HP Drops (c, r)
Amber Garden (5F) 1 8 240 Coffee Beans , Brave Heart
Obsidian Tower (15F) 2 20 680 Coffee Beans , Brave Heart
Lapis Ruins (15F) 3 45 980 Coffee Beans , Brave Heart

Crystal Nightmare

Location Number of Eyebat Kings Level HP Drops (c, r)
34F 1 56 1200 Coffee Beans , Assassin's Hood
41F 2 68 1440 Coffee Beans , Faust's Bargain
49F 3 81 1700 Coffee Beans , Necromonicon

Boss Behaviour

The Eyebat King spends most of its time flying around aimlessly, leaving you to chase it around the arena. This will be hindered by the constantly spawning Eyebats which come in stronger and stronger versions as the number of Eyebat Kings increases. Every 15 seconds (?) the boss will begin to charge up a very powerful laser beam, at this point he will not turn to face you anymore giving you opportunity to avoid it if you can dodge the Eyebats . The force of the beam firing recoils the boss back slightly and approaching him during this time is not recommended due to the beams large AoE range. The boss does not change his move set or behaviour at all no matter how much damage you inflict.


A high MDEF is very helpful for all encounters, especially the 3rd Crystal Nightmare encounter where not only can the boss deal significant damage but the myriad of regular Eyebats firing sonic waves can start to take its toll, especially from the Red Eyebat which has considerably more MAG power. The best strategy is to focus on a single boss at a time, they can be cornered to prevent them escaping which is a serious problem for melee adventurers. Avoid getting cornered yourself and pay attention to the location of the other bosses.

  • Louie - Spin Slash can be very helpful to help kill off some Eyebat minions.
  • Charme - Shadow Weave can help freeze up some of the minions while Mirror Images will let you hit a large area at once giving the boss less room to escape and taking some minions with it.
  • Caillou - Ice Mine can help to kill off some minions leaving you free to use Sparkburst. It is usually best to move near a wall/corner as this is where the bosses will spend the largest time within your cone of attack. Use Warp to completely avoid damage from the laser beams.
  • Elan - Relentlessly chasing the bosses around using Berserk to avoid stun can be effective if you take care with the bosses attacks.
  • Griff - Vampire Vortex should deal with the minions while Demon Soul lets you maximise your damage output before the boss can move out of range.
  • Tielle - If you find yourself getting hit too much even with Cuterage! up, interrupting your charge, try Flame Arrow or Starshot Arrow if you can spare the SP.
  • Nagi - If you can corner the boss, Hundred Thrusts will maximise your damage, otherwise stick to using Spin Slash with its large radius.
  • Arma - Avoid using weapons that deal damage over time as the bosses move around too much.