Euria is a scam artist who's taken up shop in Pensee. She is always plotting some new way to get easy money


from whoever is stupid enough to fall for her schemes.

She will often visit Recettear to attempt to sell Treasures and home goods such as Wallpapers for prices way over the base price. This can often ruin a player's Just Combo chains. Euria will try to sell items with a starting price of 500% over the base price, and won't accept prices under 100% value. An offer of 200% will usually be accepted the first time, though she does occasionally haggle. 210% is her lower limit to avoid a haggling situation and continue a combo.

She will also reliably accept an offer of 150% if you are willing to haggle, though this will only be of use to acquire items not available in shops.

Getting "just bonus" or "near pin" XP bonuses is actually possible with her if you offer her a price around 360% of base value. Although you have to give an obscenely high price for this, this may still prove interesting to do on the cheap items she sells you, because this way you can level her up more quickly (and actually 'save' money).

One thing to note is that occasionally, instead of home goods, Euria will offer rare and valuable Treasures. Note that this happens only if you have leveled her up enough (like, two times the 'heart' or more). Purchase of these items may be worthwhile despite the hiked prices in order to fill out the numerous empty slots in the item encyclopedia and gain fusion ingredients.

Euria is introduced when visiting the Town Square after Recette's money exceeds 100,000 pix, either in the morning or at noon. To keep her from visiting Recettear, you will need to avoid the Town Square from morning to noon; however you cannot activate the cut scene with Tielle, making you unable to continue onto the new dungeon, Amber Garden, after Jade Way (if you have not already obtained Amber Garden earlier in game). Once she is introduced during a loop, the only way to lose her as a shopper is either to reload a save from before she was introduced, or to start a New Game+. Note that even if you make the final payment on Day 36 and get to Endless Mode without meeting Euria, you will still need to avoid the Town Square from morning to noon until Day 41.

Euria is more likely to frequent the store if it looks Gaudy, though she may drop by anyway.

While Euria does not traditionally purchase from the shop, she can occasionally purchase from vending machines, and these are a good way to try and avoid her messing up Just Combo chains.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 6 Dark, 8 Gaudy
  • Likes: Rings, Treasures, Wallpapers, Carpets, Counters, Flooring, Necklaces
  • Budget: N/A (does not buy; only sells)
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening, Night

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