Equipment refers to items that adventurers can equip, which fall into one of several categories. All adventurers get five equipment slots, that can be filled by any combination with the following exceptions:

  • Adventurers must equip one weapon.
  • Adventurers cannot equip two items from the same category. (e.g. an adventurer cannot wield two weapons, or wear two hats).
  • Adventurers cannot equip two items from the same supercategory.  The three supercategories are:
    • Clothes, Robes, Breastplates, and Armor
    • Hats and Helms
    • Bracelets and Shields
(E.g., an adventurer that has equipped a breastplate cannot equip a robe, armor, or clothing. They're already wearing something on their torso.)

Adventurers retain a set of equipment they own, which can be changed by buying equipment from Recette; if an adventurer buys an item they can equip which has greater stats than an equipment they are using, they will replace that piece with an item they have bought, excepting Rings. This does not occur if an adventurer has yet to present Recette with their Adventurer's Card.

All weapon categories are exclusive to one adventurer each. Other equipment categories can be equipped by multiple characters but are usually limited to certain characters only.

All adventurers default with a Clothing, Robe, Breastplate or Armor when befriended and by the nature of their higher stat totals will almost always have one equipped, however they are not mandatory and can be removed by the player while adventuring.

When adventuring, the player can provide an adventurer with equipment they own for the duration of that adventure. This is the only way to equip Rings, and allows the player to retain ownership of that equipment (such as one high-level item they want multiple characters to use) but costs an inventory slot for each item provided. If equipped to an adventurer over an item they own, that item will sit in Recette's inventory with the label "Adventurer's Possession" and cannot be dropped to make space.


Adventurer Louie Charme Caillou Tielle Nagi Elan Griff Arma
Weapon Swords Daggers Staves Bows Spears Gloves Claws Arm Parts
Robes C E G
Breastplates L C T G A
Armor L N A
Bracelets L C C T N E
Shields L N
Helms L N A
Necklaces T N A
Capes C C E G
Scarves L C T E
Clothes All
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