Enemies in Recettear are found in Dungeons. Their sole purpose is to serve as loot piñatas, aside from hindering, hurting, and knocking out the adventurer. There are a total of 14 types of enemies that you will encounter, each with variations expressed normally through different colours which provide the same boosts regardless of the enemy. In general the trend is:

  • Green = Weak
  • Blue = Standard
  • Red = High Damage
  • Yellow = High Speed
  • Purple = High Health
  • Grey = High Defence

While enemy descriptions remain the same in the current version (1.106), Ropers and Slimes were made far less powerful than they were in the previous version (1.105), any comparisons will be made using the latest version.

For a list of enemy bosses, see: Bosses.

The first time a foe can be found in a dungeon will be listed though a few exceptions are worth noting. Common drops (typically Ingredients only) are listed in the description. Any other drop worth noting will be mentioned in the relevant enemy section.


Slimes are the first enemy type you will encounter. They look literally like a blob of slime with a face. All slimes jump in vertical or horizontal directions only, and with the exception of the Purple Slime this is the only way they can deal damage. All slimes should be approached from the diagonals to avoid been hit by a sudden jump. All slimes drop Slime Fluid as a common drop, regardless of level and may drop low level Food items.

Green Slime


The first enemy you will encounter. This one will jump around randomly and has low HP. Does not pose a threat at all and is rarely found after the early dungeon levels.

Blue Slime


Slightly faster than Green Slimes, and generally appearing as a result of a trap. Note, the 'Slime-go-round' trap type breaks all chains, even those with itself.

  • Appearance: All Dungeons, as a form of trap
  • Drops: Peach Tin (rare)

Red Slime


This Slime has more HP than the Green and Blue slime types and also does the most damage. A bit faster than the green slimes.

Yellow Slime

Slime yellow.png

A very aggressive Slime. Will jump faster than other types and also gives chase if you get close. Has high resistance to magic. It's slightly larger than the previous types.

Purple Slime

Purple Slime.png

Has the highest HP of all slimes, and more than many other non-boss enemies. The Purple Slime is the only Slime to have a ranged attack. This is the standard 'magic ring' that most ranged attackers use, fired twice in the direction it is facing. Despite all this the Slime does not pose much of a threat, moving quite slowly compared to the more common Yellow Slime.

Grey Slime

Grey Slime.png

An "Iron Slime". Has a bit higher defense than a normal slime but low hp and won't be stunned when attacked. As above this slime does not pose much of a threat. It is considerably rarer than the others and does not possess any real speed.


Ropers are very colourful enemies; it is the colour of their tentacles rather than their body colour that defines their attributes. They chase your adventurers relentlessly and drain an amount of HP dependent on their MDEF, adding it to their own. One thing worth noting is that multiple Ropers will not hit multiple times in the same instant, they also do not stun the adventurer, significantly reducing their 'swarming' threat. They are not limited by the game's 8 movement directions and can approach from any angle making them much more awkward to combat. In later dungeons, Ropers will, upon noticing you, spawn duplicates of themselves behind you in order to ambush you. Ropers can be very dangerous during slick floor traps as the motion of the trap may make you slide into them and take damage. All Ropers can drop Powerful Antivenom as a common drop, and their rare drops vary by type.

Green Roper

Roper green.png

The standard Roper with an Orange Body. Quite slow and not much of a threat alone. When the ambushes start they can still cause damage if your adventurer is not suited for combat with them though they are by far the weakest Roper.

Orange Roper


A slightly faster Roper with a Green Body. Little bit more dangerous then the Green Roper. The extreme damage of these guys has been fixed with the newer patches. A good amount of exp for how dangerous they are.

Blue Roper

Roper blue.png

A more cautious Roper with a Yellow Body. It will frequently charge in to attack you only to pause and retreat slightly before heading in again. This can be both effective and absolutely useless depending on the situation and what nearby enemies there are to assist.

Yellow Roper

Roper yellow.png

A very fast Roper with a Blue Body. These can be devastating during the ambush stages of the dungeons, particularly in the higher levels of the Crystal Nightmare where their damage is high enough to cause significant problems. Be extremely cautious if the Floor Effect is 'Enemy Movement Speed Doubled' as these can come out of nowhere and suddenly be upon you. Very fast; if it gets in close (and it will) it can be a problem, especially if your character can't dash. Try running it tight circles--it corners widely and this can allow you to get some distance, even in a narrow corridor.

Purple Roper

Purple Roper.png

The 'Electric' Roper with a White Body. Has high HP and can buff itself with what appears to look like Electricity. This prevents it from being stunned until it wears off so it is very advisable to run from this enemy until the buff wears off, then deal with it like any other Roper. Can be dangerous but does not appear to spawn in the Crystal Nightmare, leaving the title of the most dangerous Roper to the Yellow Roper.


Mushrooms are exactly as you would expect, small and Mushroom shaped with a face. The boss encounter with Reginald Drisby has a unique type of Burrowing Mushroom that appears and will sit there doing nothing until either killed, eaten or the boss is killed. Regular ones come in 2 types, a 'Jumping' Mushroom and a 'Burrowing' Mushroom. As the names imply the former will jump around pretty randomly and occasionally slide, causing a fairly small amount of damage if it contacts you mid-jump. This jumping motion seems to be able to dodge melee attacks so while these foes can rarely be considered dangerous they can be considered annoying and can easily get multiple hits in purely by accident. Burrowing Mushrooms are immobile, and will dig up from the ground, stay there for 2 seconds, then go back underground. Their appearance is preceeded by a small cloud of dust, allowing you to position yourself to kill it. The only way they can cause damage is it you are on the exact spot they are digging onto. For chaining purposes, there is no distincton between type, only colour. Note, you cannot walk over a spot they are about to appear on. All non-boss encounter Mushrooms drop Water Shrooms.

Note: While with most monsters differant types of the same monster will break the battle chain a Jumping Mushroom and a Burrowing Mushroom are the same as far as the chain goes.

Red Jumping Mushroom


The basic Jumping Mushroom. More annoying than a threat.

Red Burrowing Mushroom

A Mushroom about to breach the surface.

Identical to the jumping red mushrooms except for their mode of transportation. A very non-threatening enemy. Their burrowing does not appear to have any regards to your current position so getting hit by them is almost always an accident.

Purple Jumping Mushroom

Purple Mushroom.png

Identical to the Red version only with slightly stronger stats.

Purple Burrowing Mushroom

Purple Mushroom.png

Identical to the Red version only with slightly stronger stats.


Referred to as 'Ahrimans' by Caillou, the Eyebats are flying foes but they fly too low for this to dodge melee attacks but their floating state still allows them to evade some projectiles such as Caillou's charge fireball and Arma's crisis cannon. They resemble a giant eye with wings and are much smaller than most dungeon foes. Their only attacks are a 'magic ring' projectile, fired in the 4 principle directions, which can be blocked by Louie. All Eyebats can drop a Bat Wing (common) and Fin Fan (rare).

Yellow Eyebats

Yellow eyebat.png

A standard Eyebat. These have quite low HP and can easily be killed by approaching from a diagonal.

Green Eyebats

Eyebat green.png

Slightly faster than the Yellow Eyebats but do not appear to do much more damage.

Blue Eyebats

Eyebat blue.png

Faster than Green Eyebats and deals more damage.

Red Eyebats

Red Eyebat.png

Quite a dangerous version of the Eyebat. These deal much more damage than Yellow Eyebats and can be quite a threat in the Crystal Nightmare, particularly if you lack MDEF.


Knights are clad in full armour, wielding a large shield and a sword. All frontal attacks will be blocked unless caught with his guard down during an attack. They can be easily defeated as they will attack the moment they come near the adventurer, sometimes attacking even before they are within range leaving themselves wide open to a counter attack. They drop extremely large amounts of experience in early versions of the game, but the amount has been reduced in version 1.106. A current known bug when using Nagi is if you are standing too close when you attack from the back, you will strike the shield and inflict no damage. All Knights drop Toothpicks (common) and a Crystal (rare) which is determined by each Knight's colour. In the Crystal Nightmare each Knight also has an Emblem drop (very rare) associated with it.

Blue Knight

Knight blue.png

A basic Knight. They tend to move slower and attack less frequently than other knights. These are extremely weak foes at this stage in the game, not possessing much in the way of speed or damage. They can easily be defeated by simply repeatedly attacking them until they turn around and let you hit them.

Grey Knight

Knight grey.png

Larger and slightly stronger than Blue Knights. While a little bit more aggressive, these Grey Knights still do not pose much of a threat.

Yellow Knight

Yellow knight.png

A very nimble Knight. While it has less HP and damage than the Red Knight, its move speed is very high, allowing him to appear while you are distracted and strike suddenly. Can be quite a hastle with the 'Enemy Movement Speed Doubled' Floor Effect. However, after they attack, they leave themselves open longer than other knights. If you've got the timing right, you can also attack them before they finish their attack move.

Red Knight

Red Knight.png

A very deadly Knight, doing twice the damage with an increased attack speed. Can suddenly attack as you give chase so should be approached with caution. If possible try to approach from an angle and run across them, luring them into an attack as these appear to defend themselves much better than most Knights.  They also have a tendency to try to attack even when you are quite far from them so Tielle, Caillou, and Arma can take advantage of that.

Green Knight

Green Knight.png

This Knight has considerably more HP than the other types. It tends to block most attacks and, unlike the other Knights, strikes rather quickly if the player comes near his range. A good strategy is to get near him while still staying outside his sword range and using the large time window after his strike to counter attack.


Jack 'O Lantern.png

Jack-o-lanterns are animated pumpkins done up in the Halloween style. For the purposes of chaining both types count as the same. During the Samhain boss encounters and a very select number of levels in the Obsidian Tower, a 'Bouncer' Jack-o-lantern can be encountered which deflects off the sides of the arena in a similar style to Pong. Also during the fight with Tielle, Floating Jack-o-lanterns will be hidden in some of the boxes. These types cannot be stunned. All non-boss types drop Gaseous Grass (common) and Herb Seed (rare).

Floating Jack-o-lanterns

Floating jack.png

The flying type will be viewable on the ground in the distance when moving upwards, allowing ranged characters to kill them early. Once you approach they will rise up well above the adventurers head where only some of Caillou's magic and Tielle's secondary special can hit them. They will attempt to drop on your adventurer and tricking them into doing so without taking damage can be tricky. The best strategy is to move towards them as they stop over a location as they will not drop while moving, then stop before you get there. They also, at times, attempt to drop on Recette, who, as you know, is invulnerable to damage, so use this to your advantage when it occurs by trying to spread your adventurer and Recette as far apart as you can manage and lead her into the Jack-o-Lantern's line of sight in order to coerce it into dropping on Recette. They can also be struck by falling rock traps while in the air.

Beamer Jack-o-lanterns


The beamer type can attack from well out of your view range, catching you by surprise during other fights. The beam initially tracks you slightly and does no damage, giving you a warning to move; after a couple of seconds it will surge into a damaging attack that stops tracking momentarily, so keeping on the move will almost certainly make it miss.


Ghosts are your standard Wraith type enemy with teleporting abilities. Both types have the same behaviour, appearing nearby in 1 of the 4 principle directions and attacking you before vanishing again shortly afterwards. They can be somewhat awkward to kill in some circumstances but mostly just require persistance. All Ghosts drop a Broken Seal (common) and Ghost Tear (rare).

Green Ghost


The Green Ghosts' attack will set a patch of floor a flame always at the same distance from its spawning point. This can be both its strength as weakness as the flame is persistant for a second dealing high damage but it also has nothing to prevent you from immediately walking towards it to attack it the moment it appears.

Red Ghost


The Red Ghosts' attack is a fireball projectile that will continue for quite a distance. This presents difficulties in that moving to attack it too slowly will get you damaged while moving around it may be too slow. Note that Louie's shield can block the fireball.


Skeletons are perhaps the least threatening foe in the game. They look like a skeleton wielding a knife and will lunge widly, travellng quite a distance, in a seemingly random direction with no bearing on the adventurer's location. They must be defeated three times before being destroyed which makes them quite time consuming to defeat though they offer good experience and Caillou can utilise this excess of health to regenerate SP as late game a Skeleton could have up to 900 HP over all three deaths. All Skeletons can drop Broken Rings (common) and a Crystal, dependant on Colour similar to the Knights. They also drop an Emblem in the Crystal Nightmare though this is the same for both types. Late game their Broken Ring drop appears to be replaced by Toothpicks, though this may be unintentional.

White Skeleton


A standard Skeleton. Does not pose much of a threat and can be ignored quite safely.

Yellow Skeleton

Yellow Skeleton.png

A slightly stronger Skeleton, but despite this it does not really become any more of a danger.



Gnolls have a dog-like human appearance and are one of the more common dungeon foes. For the purpose of chaining the type does not matter. The fight with Tielle also includes 2 types of Rock Thrower Gnolls, 1 type stuck on top of the boxes throwing things while another can be hidden inside the box; when released both versions have the same behaviour as a standard Rock Thrower Gnoll. Given that 1 type is melee and the other type is ranged it can be easy to assume the wrong type and take damage by using the wrong approach. They are quite an aggressive enemy and have above average speed in both movement and attack. All Gnolls can drop Chestnuts (common) and with the exception of pre-Jade Way, Charred Lizards (rare) or Special Inkwells (rare).

Fire Punch Gnoll

Gnoll fire punch.png

Fire Punch Gnolls use an attack similar to the Flame Charge skill of some adventurers when they get in line with the adventurer. The attack is deceptively fast and can take you by surprise. The gnoll becomes invincible during the attack so it is best either to approach diagonally and kill it first or attack it after it finishes its charge.

Chestnut Thrower Gnoll

Gnoll chestnut.png

Chestnut Thrower Gnolls are a fairly standard ranged enemy, throwing a projectile quite fast in the 4 principle directions when the adventurer comes in line. This projectile can be blocked by both Louie and Nagi. From the Obsidian Tower onwards they also appear in a formation of 4. These can be quite dangerous as they will throw rocks regardless of the adventurers current location; the only thing that you can affect is the direction which can only be thrown perpendicular to the line formation. Once they take damage they will split and revert to standard behaviour.

Stone Thrower Gnoll

Same as the Chestnut Thrower Gnoll, it can attack in the 4 same directtions, only more damaging and the projectile can be farther thrown then the chestnut.


Bees are very small insects that attack with their stinger, paralyzing you for a brief period of time. They will buzz around your head briefly, the duration of which is determined by their colour and will float up and down where they can only be struck by weapons when they are near the ground as judged by the position of their shadow. They are not restricted by the 8 movement directions and can hit from any angle and due to their size they can be difficult to hit when distracted by other enemies. All Bees can drop Insect Trap (common) and Honey (rare).

Yellow Bee

Yellow Bee.png

The Yellow Bee will be the first flying enemy you see. The delay before they attack is the largest and can be up to a few seconds, giving you plenty of opportunities to kill them first. While their damage is very low they can be dangerous during a fight if they paralyze you at a critical moment.

Green Bee


The Green Bee does slightly more damage and has its delay reduced slightly.

Red Bee

Red Bee.png

The Red Bee does the most damage and only gives you a single opportunity to attack it before attacking you. It also has the most health of the bee types.


Bombs are living, floating molten rocks that cast rings that will track the adventurer for a short time, then erupt in fire. After being killed, all bombs turn into a bomb with a countdown, the duration of which depends on their colour. While easily avoided early game, bomb explosions in the higher levels of the Crystal Nightmare can deal upwards of 200-300 damage, potentially knocking out your adventurer. It is also critical to remember that the bombs will explode immediately contact with another enemy is made, or thrown back against a wall. All Bombs drop Gunpowder (common) and Natural Heater (rare).

Red Bomb

Bomb red.png

Their corpses have a 5 second timer, and are easily avoided.

Green Bomb

Green Bomb.png

A stronger version of the Red Bomb. Their corpses have a 3 second timer.

Blue Bomb

Blue Bomb.png

An even stronger version of the Bomb. Their corpses have a 1 second timer--though this is generally more dangerous to enemy NPCs due to the knockback of the adventurer's killing blow.

Yellow Bomb

Yellow Bomb.png

The strongest of the bombs. While their corpses have a 5 second timer, the damage dealt is considerably higher than normal.


These totem pole-like Statues are completely stationary, though they can turn around and fire in all 8 directions. They fire 4 'Magic Rings' in a row and have a short downtime that is just enough to allow an adventurer through the gap without damage. Their attacks can be blocked by Louie but it can still be difficult to avoid being hit when facing multiple statues. It is worth remembering when fighting them that they must turn through each direction individually to get to you so running around to their back before attacking is advised. Alone these do not cause much trouble but in groups they can be a serious problem as getting through their attacks can be extremely difficult, usually having to resort to a special attack. They do little damage early on but can be a serious threat in Crystal Nightmare. All Statues drop Flint (common) and Soft Stone (rare).

Yellow Statue

Yellow Statue.png

The basic statue.

Grey Statue

Grey Statue.png

Slightly stronger stats than the other version, but otherwise there is little difference.

Snow Rabbits


Snow Rabbits are based on the snow bunnies typically made by Japanese children. They rarely attack and when they do they have very low damage and tend to just jump around, occasionally making contact with you seemingly by accident. Unless you catch them as they land a jump they will jump backwards, dodging the strike. Only the fastest adventurers can chase them down in time to prevent any further jumps, so most melee adventurers have to deal with the fact they will have to force the Rabbit into a wall before they can kill it, or have to hit them with their melee weapon's reaching edge. Note that Fur Balls are required in huge amounts to complete fusion and they appear to have a considerably lower drop rate in the later dungeons. 

Will o' Wisps


Will o' Wisps are described as a seething cloud of hate and fire. This enemy only appears after you have spent too long on a dungeon floor, and there exists a floor effect that makes them appear sooner than normal. New ones will spawn every few seconds.

The first time you encounter them a short cutscene will trigger where Tear explains what they are. Towards the start of the game it is unlikely you would ever encounter them due to small dungeon sizes unless you are chain-exp farming. Later in the game, particularly in the Crystal Nightmare, these enemies are extremely dangerous, able to deal 200-400 damage and combined with already strong dungeon foes can easily kill the adventurer if you are still seeking the exit, making the associated floor effect potentially one of the most dangerous. Their damage is based on Magic, so it is affected by MDEF.

Will o' Wisps gradually increases their level as the adventurer continues to stay on the floor, and thus health, defense, and damage, apparently capped at 25 levels higher than base. These are the only enemy in the game to drop Salamander Scales, of which 28 pieces are required for Fusions; they also only drop them in the Lapis Ruins and Crystal Nightmare dungeons where they have much higher attack power. It is advised to farm these on the lowest levels of the Lapis Ruins.

Health List

This table list the Health-group of the enemies. Each column states how much the health increases per level Incomplete

+1 +2 +3 +4
Bee, Yellow Mushroom, Red Slime: Green, Blue
Roper: Green, Orange
Eyebat: Yellow
Knight: Blue
Slime, Red
Gnoll, All
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