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Elan is a Black Belt who can be hired as an adventurer.

A priest-in-training, his poverty is a point of commiseration between himself and Louie. He's known to run up a tab at the bar, and then skip out without paying. Despite how he may seem, Elan is a very compassionate person. He cares deeply for the children at the Pensee Orphanage, particularly Caillou, and is known to drop by on them to hand out free sweets, or just to horse around.


  • Elan's recruitment events are available after completing The Jade Way.
  • Event 1: Elan will appear during one of Charme's events at the pub.
  • Event 2: Visit the Merchant's Guild during a morning cycle, and the Guild Master will ask you to go to the Town Square to make a delivery to the Pensee Orphanage. There you will run into Elan and he will formally introduce himself.
  • Elan will begin coming to the store afterwards, so long as the atmosphere looks Plain and Light and cheap goods like candy are in the display case. An easy way to do it is to have every counter filled with candy.
  • Event 3: The next time he appears as a customer at the shop after he is befriended (offer him good deals 2 or 3 times, or own his True Card). Elan will give Recette his Business Card.


Adventurer's Guild Description:

Well-meaning martial artist. Capable of incredible hits with his fists and gloves.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 15
HP 102 Equipment
SP 34 Leather Glove
Attack 33 Clothes
Defense 32 Wooden Armband
Magic 14 Souvenir Charm
MDef 23 -empty slot-

Stat progression

  • HP: Elan has the highest HP. Along with his good defense, this ensures that he can take a beating and survive.
  • SP: Elan has little SP, which limits greatly the use of his best skill.
  • Attack: Elan has a formidable attack power, which is probably the highest of all adventurers.
  • Defense: Elan has good defense, despite his lack of armor options. But he needs to get closer to the enemy to attack, so he tends to receive more hits than other adventurers.
  • Magic: Elan has low Magic, which makes his Flame charge rather weak.
  • Magic Defense: Since he must equip mainly robes and clothes, his MDef is as good as his Defense, when not higher.

Available equipment

Elan can equip the following:

Gloves Charms
Clothes1 Capes
Robes Scarves
Bracelets2 Shoes3
Hats Rings4

1: Except Sailor Suit, Gothic Outfit
2: Except Maiden's Bracelet
3: Except Jet Boots, Heavenly Heels, Rocket Boots
4: He will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


Elan's normal movement speed is over average, but he can't equip the Jet Boots to walk faster. He recovers extremely quickly after being knocked down by an enemy.

  • Dash: Elan can dash by double tapping a direction. He can only dash in a completely straight line, without turning or strafing. If he bumps into an enemy while dashing, that enemy will take a small amount of damage and Elan will fall over, he will fall over too if he hits an obstacle like a wall or a chest, this also activates chests and go-home doors. When he falls this way, recovering takes much more time than when he recovers from being knocked down by an enemy. If Elan bumps into enemies that are near the edge of an area with low or non-existent walls, there's a chance those enemies will fall outside the platform to meet their deaths(in 1.105 the enemy seems floating instead of dying and is able to back to platform), this only works on non-floating, moving enemies, and no experience is gained when this happens.


Elan attacks fast and hits hard, but has the smallest range of all. His attack consists in a 2-punch combo. The first attack does regular damage with very little knockback, the second attack does slightly more damage, has a greater area of effect and considerably more knockback effect. Trapping an enemy towards a wall allows to throw punches without them being able to react. With enemies that have a slow recovery, using just the first hit with short delay between punches can achieve the same without the need of a wall. Either hit can be easily chained into a Skill.


Elan's skills are where he truly shines, but he unfortunately has limited SP.

Flame charge: "Elan plows the road, fire erupting from his fists!"

  • Level: already learned.
  • SP cost: 5
  • Speed: Activates in 0.4 seconds. Lasts 0.6 seconds.
  • Notes: Elan's version of Flame charge activates slower, and deals little damage, since Elan has low magic. Mainly used to escape from enemies when surrounded. It can be used in all 8 directions.

Fist Flurry: "Elan unleashes an absurd monsoon of knuckles and pain ahead of himself."

  • Level: already learned.
  • SP cost: 20
  • Speed: Activates in 0.8 seconds. Lasts 4 seconds if it catches a foe. Lasts 2 seconds if it hits 'air'.
  • Notes: Like Akuma's Raging Demon, Elan 'phases' towards the enemy, evading any attacks. After 'phasing' forward, Elan will deal a single hit of very little damage, if he hits something, the rest of the combo will kick in, dealing 7 hits of normal damage in a small area followed by a final hit of double damage. While performing these hits, Elan is invincible. Any enemy unlucky or fool enough to enter the damage area while Elan performs the technique will be caught and eat the remainder of the combo. He will finish the whole combo even if he hits a chest or if the target is knocked back or moves away, but the combo will be performed much faster. It can be used in all 8 directions.

Berserk: "Elan feels The Fury. He hits VERY hard, but can't use items!"

  • Level: 20.
  • SP cost: 5
  • Speed: Activates in 0.8 seconds. Lasts for 9 seconds.
  • Notes: So long as Berserk remains active, Elan will get a boost to his damage output, while only taking half as much damage in return. While in this state Elan cannot be knocked down, cannot use any items or any of his other skills.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 6 Light, 10 Plain
  • Likes: Medicines, Books, Food
  • Budget: 1,200-60,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Night
  • Buy\Sell Percentage: He will generally buy items from you at %130 percent, although be careful as sometimes for cheaper items he'll say he can't afford that price (in my case, this especially goes for Souvenir Charm and Candy).


  • When he performs a Flame Charge, he yells: "Kurai...YAGARE!" (Eat this!). This is the line Kyo Kusanagi from the King of Fighters series yells when performing an Orochinagi technique, which is a move in which flames appear from the user's fists.
  • His second and third skill have Akuma from the Street Fighter series as their icon. Also, Fist Flurry mimics Akuma's Raging Demon technique.
  • His look and clothing design shares a lot of similarities to Cliff Fittir of the Star Ocean series, only furthered by the fact both are fist fighters.
  • "Elan" is a word from French origin, originally written "élan". It means "spirit", "zeal", "ardor inspired by passion or enthusiasm"; the original French "élan", can also mean "momentum", or "running up" (as used in in a sports). Appropriate for a monk. Incidentally, "élan" is also French for "elk/moose".
  • In one of Elan's event scenes, he mentions another priest that is like a role model to him. This is likely to be a direct reference to the priest in EGS's earlier game Chantelise who although had no name, fits Elan's description perfectly and even wears a similar black outfit to Elan.

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