Drill Arm
Drill Arm
Item box
This is your drill. Too big to be useful for digging. Despite the impracticality, still has a ton of fans.
Type Parts
Effect ATK+60 DEF+3 MDEF-8
Base price 59000 pix
Buyback price
High:  21240 pix
Normal:  17700 pix
Low:  14160 pix


Can be bought at the Merchant's Guild after unlocking Arma.


The Drill Arm is a powerful weapon, but in order for it to be used to its fullest, Arma must be very close to the enemy. This leaves her wide open to attack if there are multiple enemies on screen. The Drill Arm in particular performs poorly against Bosses as they can't be knocked over and can deal incredible damage. 

The attack button can be held down to keep the drill out for longer, which makes it useful against enemies with low range, such as Ropers.

Outside of dungeon crawling, it can generate tons of pix by stacking in venders or selling at weapon-booms; it can potentially garner 1,000,000 pix a day or higher if the player is lucky. This is usually followed by a Price Crash, however.

Additional Notes

  • Ignoring the floorings, venders, etc, this is the most expensive item that can be bought in masses at the Merchant's Guild.
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