An example of a chest.

Chests are a common sight in dungeons. An adventurer must attack them to open them; once opened, they either reveal an item or a trap.

Charme and any adventurer wearing a Thief's Ring can detect traps in chests - when you get near a trapped chest, you will see a speech bubble with a large exclamation point in it.


  • Paralysis: The adventurer moves much slower for a short amount of time. Any monsters nearby are temporarily frozen. The Purity Ring will prevent this effect (but may break).
  • Blue slimes: this trap comes in two forms:
    • A group of 3-4 slimes appear in a roughly square configuration, depending on any obstacles. These behave as normal monsters, and add to chaining.
    • A rotating circle of slimes appear, alternating between contracting and expanding around the site of the trap. These are not normal monsters, and do not count for chains. They will not break blue slime chains, but will break any others.
  • Icy floors: Snowflakes appear to fall from the sky and add slickness to the floor. When the player lets go of the directional button, the adventurer continues to move in that direction. The Purity Ring or Eskimo Shoes will prevent this effect (but the ring may break).
  • Warp: A white light fills the screen, and the adventurer appears in a different room of the same level he is on.
  • Bomb: The corpse of a Red Bomb appears in the room where the chest was with a countdown from 5 until it explodes. Easiest trap to escape if you simply avoid the blast radius or attack the bomb before it explodes to move it. The blasts can cause significant damage to enemies as well.