Charme, Thief adventurer

For Charme as a boss character, see: Charme (boss)

Charme is a Thief who can be hired as an adventurer.

A lush by nature, Charme can often be found drinking heavily at the Pub. It is suggested by some dialogue that Charme has an immature crush on Recette, and will often tease Tear about her true motives behind helping Recette. She is looked down upon by Tear for her immaturity and lack of self-control, as well as her drinking habit.

It is hinted in the game that Charme may be a princess due to the following:

  • The game mentioned an incident in a country that is known for its wine also indicating its princess.
  • Charme is trying to get the book "Booze of the world". (Possibly trying to get information of her country)
  • Nagi commenting on Charme's refined way of eating, followed by Charme thinking about sharpness of Nagi's perception.
  • An event at the pub about soldiers looking for a princess and Charme is trying to hide it out.
  • She implies she is stuck in a web of lies to Tear


  • At the 15th and final level of The Jade Way, (not counting the Boss Rush), Charme presents herself as a boss. Defeat her and she will introduce herself in a less murderous fashion.
  • She will appear in Recettear afterwards, to have a chat with Tear. Make the store look Dark and Gaudy to ensure she visits.
  • The second time she appears in the item shop, she gives Recette her Business Card if she likes you enough.


Adventure's Guild description:

Mysterious, pretty thief. Incredibly fast and deadly. Uses knives exclusively.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 8 Thief
HP 38 Equipment
SP 31 Rusty Dagger
Attack 28 Scrap Plate
Defense 27 Wooden Armband
Magic 12 Summer Sandals
MDef 17 -empty slot-

Maximum stats

Level 99 Thief
HP 333 - 533 Optimum equipment
SP 245 Master's Dagger
Attack 86 Master's Plate
Defense 80 Four Seasons
Magic 66 Hat of Innocence
MDef 77 Omnicharm

Available equipment

Charme can equip the following:

Daggers Charms
Clothes1 Capes
Breastplates Shoes3
Bracelets2 Rings4

1: Except Hood's Outfit, Gentleman's Suit
2: Except Spiked Armband
3: Except Hard Boots, Battle Boots, Iron Sandals, Rocket Boots
4: She will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


Charme, being a lithe thief by practice, has many quick-striking abilities with low recovery time. However, for what she gains in speed and attack power, she loses in defense. Her speed can also sometimes make her difficult to control for new players.


Charme moves at a very fast rate, and her attack is one of the fastest in the game. It even recovers quick enough that she can strike ghosts before they can recover and phase out. Ice traps make her movement especially tricky due to her speed, but wearing Eskimo Boots will cancel out the effect of the trap.


Charme's default attack deals superior damage and boasts an above-average arc, but has a short range.

She also has the highest crit chance among the adventurers dealing a critical strike at about every 5-8 strikes.


Charme wears middle-ranged armor and so, while she doesn't have the highest defense ratings, she can take a hit. When first unlocked, her defense is particularly low, making her a very risky adventurer, when compared to Louie, but when leveled and equipped properly, this becomes less dire. Her HP is about mid-range, so it's a good idea to give her medicines to beef her up a little more, as well.


By double tapping forward, Charme can run. She can even strafe and make turns while running. If she bumps into an enemy while running, she will take damage, if appropriate. If she hits a wall while running, she will fall down. During the initial stages of the run (indicated by the afterimages), Charme is invincible. However, it has 1 second cooldown time after usage (this also applies if you get hit).


Charme can perform a parry by tapping on the d-pad in the direction of an incoming attack. If timed properly, blue sparks will fly out in front of her, and the hit will be negated. Parrying does not require SP and does not have a cooldown. Its effectiveness is limited only by the skill of the player using it. It is possible to parry every attack, including bosses' attacks, provided that the timing is correct.


When Charme is standing next to a chest, she can tell if it is trapped or not. If an exclamation mark (!) appears over her head, the chest is trapped, and shouldn't be opened. This is particularly useful because many movement traps (especially ice) make dashing dangerous for her. Wearing Eskimo Boots, however, cancels out the effect of the ice trap.


Controls Charme.jpg

Mirror Image

"Create a shadow image which will mirror all your actions."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Charme creates up to five shadows of herself infront of her that will inflict damage independently of each other, has an iFrame when she slow down after casting for 1 second. Shadows have reduced damage and will not allow for consecutive attacks in one swing (unless the active hitting frames are greater than the monster's invincibility frames, which can only be practical against a wall). Great for holding back a swarm of ropers or getting at fast moving opponents.

Flame Charge

"Charme charges forward, flame in her hands!"

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Charme charges forward with a flame attack which covers roughly 2/3 of the screen, knocks foes back, but does mediocre damage. Best used when up against quick moving bosses. Useful for escaping enemies surrounding Charme, but not very useful for damage-dealing, unless Charme has a high Magic stat.
  • Could charge diagonally

Shadow Weave

"Places a sticky net on the ground. Enemies who step on it cannot move"

  • Level: 20
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • The same skill she frequently uses when faced as a boss, it will prevent enemies from moving and attacking (excluding ropers, digger mushrooms, and circling slimes) inside the net area. Also, enemies that bury themselves like the digger mushrooms will not be affected by the net, since they disappear without moving.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 3 Dark, 4 Gaudy
  • Likes: Daggers, Charms, Necklaces, Shoes, Rings, Treasures, Medicines
  • Budget: 2,400-360,000 Buys around 120%
  • Active times: Noon, Evening, Night
  • Buy\Sell Percentage: Will generally buy items from you for %120-%130 percent, although stick more to %125 as she can sometimes haggle a lot and\or walk out of your store if you go with %130. As for buying items from her, I generally buy items for %50, but if that doesn't work, try paying her more money, either %5 percent more pix or %10 more if it's either a really cheap item in the first place or if you're really desperate to get her to hand over the item.


  • It is implied that Charme may be a fugitive princess from a faraway country. Alouette mentioned that said that a country was famous for its booze, and was looking for its princess in desperation, then Charme shows up when Alouette leaves and asks for the date when the next Booze of the World monthly issue comes out.. Nagi also mentions that Charme's table manners are impeccable. Finally, a pub scene exists where soldiers are searching for a missing princess and Charme does all she can to hide from them.
  • Charme refers to herself several times as a berk, which is British slang for an affable idiot, as well as, possibly, a reference to Planescape: Torment, where the word is simply used for anybody at all.
  • Charme may be modeled after the character Naga the Serpent (or Gracia Ul Naga Saillune) from Slayers franchise. Both are princesses who abandoned their kingdom and live as an adventurers, both are referred as attractive female, both are heavy drinker.

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