When adventuring, killing the same kind of creature repeatedly without killing a different kind between kills results in escalating experience gains. This is similar to the Just Price Bonus when haggling, only for an adventurer's experience instead of for Recette's merchant levels. The limit for chains is over 100 (undefined yet), but after a while you dont get higher exp bonuses.

The adventurer can attack and damage other kinds of enemy. As long as they don't kill them, the chain won't break. A trap can break a chain by killing an enemy. It can also continue a chain this way. Changing floors will always terminate any chain in progress.

Some enemies will continue chains even if they look or behave differently. Enemies in Boss fights - excepting some The Gauntlet boss fights - rarely give bonus exp or count towards chains.

Enemies that behave differently, but are counted within the same category and therefore are able to continue chains include (but are not limited to):

  • All Gnolls (chestnut-thrower and puncher)
  • All Mushrooms of the same colour (burrowing and jumping)

"Improper" monsters - the spinning blue slimes summoned by chest traps, two of the four gnolls in line, and clone ropers will not contribute to a chain. They will also break up any chains that are not of their own type - for example, killing a cloned blue roper will break the chain unless it's a chain of blue ropers.


  • After reaching more than 999 on the chain counter, the count continues to increase, but only displays the first three digits (e.g. it displays 100 Chain for 1000-1009, 101 Chain for 1010-1019, etc.).
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