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Caillou is a Magician who can be hired as an adventurer.

Caillou is very smart and arrogant for his age. He refuses to believe Recette is the proprietor of Recettear, and addresses her as a cashier, clerk, and, at one point, a servant. He addresses Tear as if she is Recette's boss, which is, of course, not the case at all.

He despises being treated as a child, though it is implied he secretly has some childish tendencies, such as visiting the Chapel for free candies. If asked, he says he now visits the Chapel only for its large store of information on magic and magical items.

Formerly an orphan from Pensee, Caillou has a history with the priest-in-training and fellow adventurer Elan.


The events that lead to Caillou's recruitment are unlocked after finishing the last level of the Jade Way.

  • Event 1: Caillou will come by your store after the Jade Way is unlocked, and you have reached Merchant Level 7 (allowing for advanced orders to be placed) and ask for three items: Charred Lizard, Bat Wing and Slime Liver, these items can be found in Jade Way. If you already have them, this event is different, and Event 3 happens next.
    • If you have versions of the items with different +x bonuses, it seems he takes a random one of each.
  • Event 2: If you didn't have the items, he will keep visiting the shop every three days until his order is fulfilled.
  • Event 3: Once he is befriended (give him some deals he like, or own his True Card), he will visit again and give Recette his Business Card. Making the store dark, or some books increase the chances of him appearing.

Note: Before using and Endless game to create a New Game+, it is recommended to get the items beforehand, and then save, since it's much faster in later dungeons, and save them for Caillou's recruitment in the New Game+, so no time has to be wasted in dungeons looking for those items in the new game, thus focusing better in getting the pix for the debt. Even having his True Card, his recruitment event is required to unlock other events.

Note: While not easy to obtain before he shows up in a new game it is very possible. This will nicely accelerate your gathering of pix seeing as you obtain a 11.4k pix reward when you already have the items. Also, if you spend day 2, the first full day, completing both the Hall of Trials and the Jade Way you will likely obtain a large number of items that can be used to quickly gain much more then you could otherwise do. This also will allow you to quickly unlock the later dungeons.


Adventurer's Guild description:

Magician. Bit of a brat, really. Frail, but possesses very powerful magic. Uses staves.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 10
HP 26
SP 108
Attack 12
Defense 20
Magic 29
MDef 25
Focus Staff
Wooden Armband

Optimum stats and equipment

Base Stats
Level 99
HP 186
SP 687
Attack 51
Defense 66
Magic 98
MDef 93
Full Stats
Level 99
HP 386
SP 687
Attack 141-183
Defense 347-435
Magic 303-341
MDef 392-495
Divine Staff+15
Pandemonium+15 or Faust's Bargain+4
Four Seasons+12
Hat of Innocence+15
Infinite Cape+15, Omnicharm+15 or a Ring

Ranges shown in Full Stats table are dependent on Equipment choice, e.g. 341 Magic requires use of Faust's Bargain and Infinite Cape.

Stat progression

Caillou is a bit weak at first, but really comes into his own later on. He can dispatch most bosses within seconds due to the huge amount of projectiles he can fire in a short period of time. As such, he is one of the best characters to tackle a Boss Rush. Once out of SP, his lack of armor and low health leave him rather vulnerable to monsters that can survive his attacks.

  • HP: Caillou has the lowest HP. Giving him some Ferromin is recommended before entering the hardest dungeons.
  • SP: Caillou carries the highest SP in the game. That, along with the low cost of most of his skill and his SP recovery abilities, allows him to spam his spells to overwhelm enemies.
  • Attack: Caillou has very little Attack power, but since he depends on his spells to deal damage, it's rather irrelevant.
  • Defense: Caillou has a somewhat lacking defense. Equipment doesn't help much. Avoiding physical attacks as much as possible is recommended.
  • Magic: Caillou has the highest Magic in the game, all his 4 attack skills use this stat, thankfully.
  • Magic Defense: Caillou's MDef is nothing less than phenomenal. He can go over 400 MDef with the proper equipment.

Available equipment

Caillou can equip the following:

Staves Charms
Clothes1 Capes
Robes Scarves
Bracelets2 Shoes3
Hats Rings4

1: Except Sailor Suit and Gothic Outfit
2: Except Maiden's Bracelet
3: Except Hard Boots, Battle Boots, Jet Boots, Iron Sandals, Heavenly Heels and Rocket Boots
4: He will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear


Caillou moves fairly slow - only Nagi being slower than him. Not being able to equip the Jet Boots doesn't help much, either. He also recovers slowly from enemy attacks.

Caillou cannot dash.


Caillou's standard attack is quite slow and has a very short range. Although its arc is quite a bit larger than the animation makes it appear to be, it's still pretty small.

  • SP recharge: Caillou's normal attack recharge his SP. Turns part of the damage dealt into SP, at a ratio of 1:10, rounded down - so if Caillou does 39 damage, he will regain 3 SP. However, damage dealt beyond an enemy's total or remaining HP does not count. For instance, if Caillou deals 50 damage, but the monster he hit only had 20 HP, he only earns 2 SP. This recharge is useful at lower levels when Caillou has less SP and enemies' attacks are less of a threat, but after a while, when money is no longer a problem, bringing some SP recharging items like Candy may be more effective, since avoiding being hit is much more important.
  • Ranged attack: Hold the button down to charge a ranged magical attack. Caillou's normal attack can be charged up by holding the attack button for about 2 second in order to discharge a small fireball projectile, dealing 125% damage. This attack does not use SP, on the contrary, it recharges SP like his melee attacks. Although much safer that the melee attack, connecting the fireball with an enemy is much harder too. After starting to charge, Caillou remains stationary until the button is released (and he attacks), or until Caillou is hit.


Being a Magician, it's no surprise Caillou's main strengths lie with his many skills, and he has the SP pool to match them. He's a bit complicated, and has an element of 'high risk, high reward'.

Caillou lacks a powerful single hit. His damaging skills do damage over multiple hits, which means that he can't deal damage as quickly to opponents who have invincibility after a few hits (Charme (boss), Griff (boss), Arma (boss)).

Pyrobomb : "Create an explosion centered on Caillou."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Speed: Activates in 0.3 seconds. Has a 0.7 second cooldown.
  • Notes: This attack does not do a great deal of damage, but is notable for being an AOE effect, thus effectively giving Caillou an equivalent to the spin attacks he is missing, and also because it is a sphere rather than a circle, it can damage flying enemies without waiting for them to descend. The attack has invincibility frames for its entirety, making it fairly safe to use.

Ice Mine : "Create a block of ice. Enemies that touch it take damage."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • SP cost: 5
  • Speed: Activates in 1.1 seconds. Last for 3 seconds.
  • Does a lot of damage but is hard to use. The block of ice will not activate when going under the enemy; therefore, it must be timed correctly and the distance must be precise, so that it will pop right under the desired enemy targets. It's best used against large groupings of monsters or bosses, as there's less a chance of it missing. Since Caillou can move right away after activating the skill, and the block of ice stays for a little while after the block pops up, Caillou can move 'inside' the block, so enemies that follow him touch the ice will be affected by it.

Sparkburst : "Fires off a torrent of arcane missiles, penetrating any darkness."

  • Level: Already learned.
  • SP cost: 5 (about 3 SP per second when hold)
  • Speed: Activates in 0.5 seconds. Last for 2 seconds. Can be hold for a continuous attack.
  • Notes: While activating, Caillou becomes Invulnerable for 0.5 seconds. The actual attack consists of shard-like projectiles flying out in a V-Shaped area in front of him. The initial attack lasts for about 0.5 seconds and costs 5 SP. This spell can be cast indefinitely by holding the special attack button, consuming another 3 SP / 0.5 seconds. Caillou can turn to aim the attack in a different direction, but cannot move from the spot. It deals significant damage to bosses and enemies alike and has long range, making it a very useful skill in Caillou's arsenal.

Gemini Force : "A pair of magic shields which orbit Caillou. Send flying with the attack button!"

  • Level: 25
  • SP cost: 25
  • Speed: Activates in 1 second. Lasts indefinitely if not used. Once sent, if they find no enemies, the orbs fly for about 4.25 seconds.
  • Notes: Summons not two but two plus x orbs, depending on Caillou's Magic stat, that float around Caillou and turn around when he does. Any enemies that come very close will be hit by the projectiles. Performing a melee attack will launch the projectiles in the direction Caillou is facing, moving on a straight line for a while if no enemies are on screen or homing in on the nearest enemy otherwise. Casting the spell again will 'reset' the orbs, so all orbs appear again around Caillou, and those already sent flying with an attack disappear. It is useful for attacking enemies and bosses without having to approach them head on.

Warp : "Warp Caillou to another area on the dungeon floor."

  • Level: 30
  • Cost: 5 SP
  • Speed: Activates in about 1.8 seconds. After teleport, takes about 1.8 seconds to land.
  • Notes: Randomly teleports Caillou to another point in the dungeon, in a similar way to the teleport trap chests. If used during a boss fight, he will not teleport but will raise into the air and have about two seconds of invincibility, which can be useful for avoiding large attacks.
    • If used during the Tielle boss fight, when cast within the first arena, Warp behaves as in other boss fights. Otherwise, he will teleport back to the first arena, even if both Tielle and he have already left it. The camera does not refocus on Caillou, making it a challenge to navigate him back into view.
      • While Caillou is far off screen, Tielle will make no attempt to attack him. On the other hand, Caillou's Gemini Force targets enemies on the screen, so even if Caillou himself is offscreen, he can still hit Tielle if she is visible to the player. This makes for an easy, though SP-intensive, victory.

Customer Data


  • The icon of the Warp skill is Dhalsim from the Street Fighter series performing his Yoga Teleport.
  • The icon of the Gemini Force skill greatly resembles Youmu Konpaku from the Touhou series, who can attack in a similar way.
  • The description for Sparkburst is likely a reference to a 1996 Dead Alewives skit that lampooned Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts: one of the players, Galstaf, asks to cast magic missile. When reminded there are no enemies nearby, he proclaims he wants to attack 'the darkness', a pointless but somehow humerous action.
  • "Caillou" is French for "pebble", but is also a slang for 'bald head'.

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