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A Business Card is an Adventurer's Guild Card given by adventurers to Recette that allows her to use that particular adventurer in dungeon dives.

Business cards are a symbol of guild membership connected to the Adventurer's Guild, where adventurers are hired. The Hall of Trials appears to be the guild's test for potential adventurers such as Louie who wish to earn the right to carry a business card allowing them to enter dungeons.

There appears to be some form of etiquette concerning the very first person an adventurer gives out their card to, as demonstrated when Tear objects as Louie decided Recette should be the first person to receive his business card.

True Cards

True Card
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Type Cards
Base price 100 pix
Buyback price

30 pix


A True Card is obtained upon clearing the complete debt after five weeks, if successful, from the adventurer who has the most expeditions into the dungeons. A true card allows Recette to hire them straight away in a New Game+, along with the two Survival modes, Survival Hell and Normal Survival. True cards also instantly befriend an adventurer, so they will give their normal cards in a game event - unlocking further events - much sooner, without having to befriend them first by giving them deals they like.

In order to gain a new true card from a different adventurer, starting over with a New Game+ is required, in addition to unlocking the adventurer whose card is needed, and going on dungeon dives with them the most within the five game weeks.

Arma is the sole exception to this, as she is unlocked after the game is completed, in Endless Mode - upon receiving every adventurers' business cards, defeating the 100th floor of the Lapis Ruins will result in Arma giving her true card to Recette.

If two characters had the same number of adventures, you will get only one card, depending on the order the game has for characters internally: Louie, Charme, Caillou, Tielle, Elan, Nagi, Griff, Arma. For example, if both Charme and Caillou have the same number of adventures, you will receive Charme's card. Having a character's True Card does not disqualify that character from granting you another card.

In order to receive all True Cards the player must complete a minimum of 7 loops using a different adventurer's each time and unlocking Arma's after one of the loops. Note that it is possible to earn multiple copies of the same True Card, so care must be taken to not earn the same adventurer's card in multiple loops if trying for all True Cards.

All True Cards have a base price of 100pix.

List of True Cards

Name Owner Description
True Card.pngLouie's True Card Louie It's the very first card you got... with a bit of Louie's muffler attached. He'll be with you forever, now.
True Card.pngCharme's True Card Charme "Charme, Lady Thief, Professional Berk for Recette Lemongrass" is stenciled elegantly on the card.
True Card.pngCaillou's True Card Caillou Although a little too ostentatious, this card still reflects the deep trust Caillou has in Recette.
True Card.pngTielle's True Card Tielle Rather than a card, it's... a picture of Tielle and Recette together. Adorable beyond words.
True Card.pngNagi's True Card Nagi It seems oddly difficult to keep track of this simple little card, but it always finds its way back to you.
True Card.pngElan's True Card Elan Although rather sloppily handwritten, Elan's meaning with this card is clear: he's your friend forever.
True Card.pngGriff's True Card Griff Does this card... smell of brimstone? Well, it's Griff's sign of total loyalty regardless... you think.
True Card.pngArma's True Card Arma Rather than a card, this is a small stone square with a symbol on it... one that means more than any word could.

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