Bows are a type of Equipment that can be used by Tielle.

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Wooden BowWooden Bow 128 400 +7 0 0 0 A basic light bow made of wood from the forest kingdom. The essential tool of any archer. Weapons
LongbowLongbow 980 1,400 +14 0 0 0 The quintessential veteran's bow. Requires quite a bit of strength to pull. Metal
Composite BowComposite Bow 2,030 2,900 +18 0 0 0 Constructed of multiple materials and with a few built-in tricks to help the user shoot true. Weapons
Rosewood BowRosewood Bow n/a 6,500 +25 0 0 +3 Decorated with flowers, but still quite capable. Remember - roses do have thorns. Weapons Level 1 Fusion
Hurricane BowHurricane Bow 6,300 9,000 +32 0 0 +6 Arrows fired from this call the wind and fly with it. People suspect it houses a wind spirit. Weapons
Cupid's BowCupid's Bow n/a 18,000 +40 3 0 -5 Pierce his heart with the special arrow, and he'll love you forever. Pierce it with a normal arrow, and, well... Holy
AcesbowAce's Bow 21,000 30,000 +50 0 0 0 Famous bow made by master elven archers. Requires supreme skill to use, but fantastically powerful Weapons
Harp BowHarp Bow 35,200 50,000 +64 +5 0 +10 A bow strung in a way that makes music when fired. The sound is sad, however, and seems to linger. Weapons
The TellbowThe Tellbow n/a 77,000 +76 0 0 0 The very splitter of apples itself, passed down from that legendary family. A favorite of the courageous. Weapons Level 2 Fusion
CausmediaCausmedia n/a 132,000 +90 0 +10 0 Only those who reach a oneness with their targets can use this supreme bow. The unworthy cannot even pull it. Weapons
Wyvern WingWyvern Wing n/a 228,000 +104 -5 0 +4 A legendarily rare bow, made of the wings of creatures who live on an island ever-engulfed in thick myst. Weapons
Crescent BowCrescent Bow n/a 371,000 +120 +10 0 +10 Beautiful bow reminiscent of a crescent moon. Arrows shot from it look like shooting stars. Weapons Level 4 Fusion
Ancient BowAncient Bow n/a 564,000 +146 0 -10 +10 Looks as though it's made of wood, though it cries like a bird when shot, so it may be something else... Weapons
Succubus BowSuccubus Bow n/a 762,000 +172 -20 +20 -30 A bow reportedly found in the outer dark. It seems to tempt user into doing horrible things... Sinister
One Shot WonderOne Shot Wonder n/a 1,130,000 +180 0 0 0 The result of miracle fusion, the arrows shot from this bow turn into light and blast the target to dust. Weapons Level 5 Fusion

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