Booze of the World
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A tome describing alcohol the world over. Popular due to every copy coming with a sample...
Type Books
Base price 2600 pix
Purchase price
High:  2184 pix
Normal:  1820 pix
Low:  1456 pix
Buyback price
High:  936 pix
Normal:  780 pix
Low:  624 pix


Additional Notes

It is later mentioned in a conversation between Charme and Recette in the item shop: Charme inquires as to when it comes out, and Recette provides the usual date that it is published on (implying that it is a periodical, rather than an encyclopedia). Recette offers to keep a copy on hand for Charme, who turns down the offer in preference of simply showing up to see if Recette has one in stock. Despite giving a date for when she'll come by, she never actually shows up to get the book.

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