Books are an item type which can be sold in Recettear. They are usually found at the Market, however a few books can also be obtained as drops.

Books are a particular favourite of Caillou and the Girl, and will help to attract them when placed in your shop.

Name Base
Merchant Level Types
BookLes Infortunes 500 pix 1 Book
BookLe Penseur 500 pix 1 Book
BookWings of Eldon 600 pix 1 Book
BookWings of Eldon 2 900 pix 4 Book
BookWings of Eldon 3 1,600 pix 11 Book
BookWings of Eldon 4 2,400 pix 18 Book
BookVacation of Eldon 4,800 pix 18 Book
BookEldon: Doom/Reborn 8,000 pix 23 Book
BookEnd of Eldon 14,800 pix 23 Book
Book200 Warriors 1,600 pix Sold by customer only Book
BookDeux Infortunes 1,800 pix 4 Book
BookBooze of the World 2,600 pix 4 Book
BookPolite Children 2,800 pix 4 Book
BookJordan's Lament 3,000 pix 4 Book
BookI Love Cooking 3,800 pix 4 Book
BookTo Own a Cat 4,100 pix Sold by customer only Book
BookSweet Sweets 4,500 pix 11 Book
BookBeautiful Spots 5,100 pix 11 Book
BookTale of Two Sisters 6,500 pix 11 Book
BookAlchemy in a Week 8,000 pix 11 Book
BookFraud Tricks 16,000 pix Sold by customer only Book
BookPuresoul Diaries 9,600 pix Sold by customer only Book
BookSister's Struggle 10,200 pix 18 Book
BookBeastman's Plight 17,200 pix 18 Book
BookDOOOOOOMSDAY!!! 28,000 pix  ?? Book
BookJust Eat It 32,400 pix 18 Book
BookUniform Guide 41,200 pix Sold by customer only Book
BookFour Wings 62,600 pix 23 Book
BookRemetogen 200,000 pix Chest only Book
BookA Certain Hero 125,300 pix 23 Book
BookBook Of Adventure 320,000 pix Chest only Book

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BookLes InfortunesBookLe PenseurBookWings of EldonBookWings of Eldon 2BookWings of Eldon 3BookWings of Eldon 4BookVacation of EldonBookEldon: Doom/RebornBookEnd of EldonBook200 WarriorsBookDeux InfortunesBookBooze of the WorldBookPolite ChildrenBookJordan's LamentBookI Love CookingBookTo Own a CatBookSweet SweetsBookBeautiful SpotsBookTale of Two SistersBookAlchemy in a WeekBookFraud TricksBookPuresoul DiariesBookSister's StruggleBookBeastman's PlightBookDOOOOOOMSDAY!!!BookJust Eat ItBookUniform GuideBookFour WingsBookRemetogenBookA Certain HeroBookBook Of Adventure