Blessed Vestments
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Vestments blessed by the divine. Rare and treasured, one suit is said to reside with a family to the west.
Type Robes
Equippable by Caillou, Elan, Griff
Effect DEF+44, MAG+4, MDEF+48
Base price 49000 pix
Buyback price
High:  17640 pix
Normal:  14700 pix
Low:  11760 pix

A type of robe that can be obtained through fusion. Although its base price is low (resulting in a negative profit when fused), it is very useful as armor for Caillou, Elan and Griff.



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 2 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Santa Coat.pngSanta Coat 1
Broken Seal.pngBroken Seal 10
Void Crystal.pngVoid Crystal 3

Additional Notes

  • As the Broken Seal are not used in any other fusion recipe, it is recommended to place bonus-providing Void Crystals in the store when carrying out this fusion in order to save their benefit for the One Shot Wonder or Omnicharm, both endgame items that use Void Crystals as their bulk source of bonuses.
  • Note that the pluses added to the fusing for this item are towards Mdef when you make one.

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