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For Arma as a boss character, see: Arma (boss)

Arma is a Golem that can be hired as an adventurer.

Arma is one of the golem units that control the shape and effects of dungeons. She first appears outside the store looking in through the window. When she enters, she doesn't seem to understand the concept of money, which starts a long and convoluted economics lesson on Recette's part.

Not much is known about her, but it is later revealed that it was Arma who had been controlling the layout and monster compositions of the dungeons that Recette, Tear and the adventurers have been exploring. She eventually gives the job up in order to spend more of her time with Recette.


  • To unlock the events that lead to Arma's recruitment, first the player must finish the game and continue in Endless mode.
  • Also, all adventurers except Arma herself must be unlocked. Either with their Business or True Cards.
  • Event 1: Arma appears in the shop, and after the event Lapis Ruins become unlocked.
  • Event 2: After defeating The Geddon Device at Lapis Ruins (100F).
  • Event 3: Arma will automatically visit Recettear to give Recette her true Business Card.


Adventurer's Guild description:

A golem created by forgotten arts. The "parts" equipped on her arms change how she fights.

Initial stats and equipment

Level 1 Golem
HP 25 Equipment
SP 30 Punch Unit
Attack 25 Rainbow Mail
Defense 78 Scale Hat
Magic 9 -empty slot-
MDef 27 -empty slot-

Maximum stats

Level 99 Golem
HP 490 - 690 Optimum equipment
SP 970 Omega Cannon
Attack 92 Invincible Armor
Defense 94 Karmic Necklace
Magic 78 Arcadian Helm
MDef 88 Omnicharm

Stat progression

  • HP: Arma has high HP, this goes well with her high defense and her equipment, turning her into a tank that can endure many hits.
  • SP: Arma has very high SP, but this works against her. Her only skill consumes all SP, so the less SP she has, the faster she can regain full SP and use the skill again.
  • Attack: Arma's attacks depend greatly on the part she has equipped. Unlike other adventurers that can just equip the best available weapon, Arma may have to forfeit some Attack power if she wants to use weapons with different behavior.
  • Defense: Arma can equip heavy armor, which grants the highest Def in the game. She has some good Def on her own too.
  • Magic: Arma has low magic, but since her only skill deals massive physical damage, increasing Arma's magic with equipment is not necessary and will not increase her skill's damage.
  • Magic Defense: Since she equips mostly heavy armor, she depends on charms for some extra MDef.

Available equipment

Arma can equip the following:

Arm Parts Helms
Clothes1 Charms
Breastplates Necklaces
Armor Rings2
Hats Shoes3

1: Except Hood's Outfit, Gentleman's Suit
2: She will not equip these after purchasing them in Recettear
3: Only Rocket Boots

Optimal equipment

Contrasting the variety offered by her weapons, Arma's ultimate equipment selection offers little choice. After choosing a weapon and the superior stats offered by Clothes/Breastplates/Armor and Hats/Helms, there are only 3 different categories of equipment to choose from for the 2 remaining slots: Charms, Necklaces and Shoes. This restricts the final equipment choice to the following:


Arma's movement is average, but she can equip Rocket Boots which give her a great increase in speed. Her recovery after an attack is not the fastest, but she has a brief period of invulnerability after recovering in exchange.

Arma cannot dash.


Arma is unique in that each of her weapons, or parts, gives her an entirely new method of attack.

  • Punch Unit: 10 ammo per attack. A basic punch attack with a hit range close to a mix of Louie's range and Charme's arc.
  • Hammer Arm: 10 ammo per attack. Fires up to six orbs one at a time that orbit Arma until colliding with an enemy, orbs over seven will fire in the direction of Arma. The orbs stay even if Arma equips a different weapon until they are used.
  • Disc Unit: Launches a large circular saw blade medium range before it returns. Hits enemies once per launch, even if the return trip passes through them.
  • Flamethrower: 5 ammo per attack. Can be held. Just as its name implies. Kinda weak.
  • Gatling Unit: 3 ammo per attack. Can be held. Peppers the enemy with dozens of low damage, short range bullets. Recommend pinning enemies to walls to maximize damage.
  • Null-parts: 2 ammo per attack. Can be held. Fires several bullets in a wide pattern of 8 rows of 4 bullets each. The bullets have a long range but are rather slow. Very effective at point-blank, since the low cost allows to stun an enemy for a long time.
  • Drill Arm: 5 ammo per attack. Can be held. Short range and relatively small arc, but high damage per second attack. Arma is stationary during use, she also cannot turn.
  • Gumball Unit: Fires a wide spread of, you guessed it, giant gumballs.
  • Crisis Cannon: This is basically a railgun. There is a little delay before the laser is fired but it hits everything in its path instantly.
  • Messiah Unit: Basically a grenade launcher. Fires a projectile a short distance in front of her which then explodes.
  • Gravity Cannon: Fires a high-powered straight beam like the Crisis Cannon, but of dark energy.
  • Chaos Unit: Creates a sphere of energy/flame in front of Arma.
  • Phalanx Cannon: A stronger version of the Gatling Unit with auto target.(Note:Unable to hit Geddon's Arms)
  • Pandora Unit: Random effects. This weapon can attack as all Arma's weapons, listed above, but can't attack as Omega Cannon. Next attack effect is chosen after recharge. Pandora Unit can also cause Falling Rocks or Tuna Strike trap effects instead of any attack.
  • Omega Cannon: Fires several laser beams behind Arma, which will arc around and home in on enemies.

Videos of all Arma's weapons are available [here].


Ammo: Arma's attacks consume ammo. Her current ammo is at the bottom left. If depleted, she will need to RELOAD and will be temporarily unable to attack.


  • Each filled rectangle in the ammo display indicates 10 ammo, for a max of 100 ammo.
  • The attacks from different Parts consume ammo at different rates.
  • After all ammunition is consumed and reaches 0, reloading takes 3 seconds.
  • Some parts allow to attack uninterruptedly by holding the attack button, like the Flamethrower or the Drill Arm. Ammo is consumed very quickly when hold.
  • When ammo count for a rectangle is 9 or less, the rectangle will appear as empty. Because of that, the bar may look empty when the last ammo is 9 or less. If reload takes too long, it may be because there's still ammo left. Try shooting again and that will spend any remaining ammo so the reload can start.
  • If the remaining ammo is less that the ammo required for an attack, the attack will be done anyways with full strength, using just the remaining ammo (i.e: if the Gatling gun is used until there is less than 10 ammo left, the player can then equip the Punch Unit, which spend 10 ammo per attack, and still attack one last time before reload).
  • Weapon damage can be increased by switching to a more powerful weapon during the middle of an attack. This effectively makes all Parts have the same attack bonus as your most powerful Part, though actual damage still varies.
    • Hammer Arm: The easiest Part to do this with. Deploy 6 orbs then switch to a more powerful weapon. The orbs will deal significantly more damage than usual when they hit. This is especially useful against Charme, Griff, and Arma boss fights, where the orbs can deliver 2 hard hits before the boss becomes invulnerable. This is also useful against The Geddon Device; you can deploy orbs while waiting for the boss to come back into range.
    • Parts that can attack continuously: Start an attack, switch weapon, exit menu and quickly press and hold the attack button. The original attack will continue except dealing higher damage.
    • Parts that cannot attack continuously: It still works, but you have to perform the weapon switch for every single hit.


Vector Cannon : A mysterious, hard to control super-weapon built into Arma. What's it's pupose?

  • Level: Already learned.
  • Cost: maximum SP (the SP bar must be full).
  • Speed: Activates in 5 seconds.
  • Notes: While activating this skill, Arma cannot be interrupted, and will have double Def and MDef, taking half damage from any attack. However, Arma will also be considered berserked, and will be unable to use items for the duration. Once activated, all SP is consumed and a beam that deals massive damage is fired, and Arma is pushed back for over one third of a room size unless an enemy or other obstacle is behind her. The beam's massive damage instantly kills most normal enemies and even some bosses, but can be blocked by Knights. Since it consumes all SP as part of the effect, this skill is unaffected by the 'SP consumption halved' floor effect.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 0 Light/Dark, 0 Plain/Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Arm Parts, Ingredients, Books
  • Budget: 2,400-6,000,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening, Night
  • Buy\Sell Percentage: She generally will buy items from you from %130-132 and she's generally easily a very reliable, frequent, important customer although when and if she gets picky, as rare as this is, she can be a little rash and she will stop haggling and instead stop requesting for an item straight away, so when that happens be careful. Try buying items from her for %50-75.


  • 'Arma' means 'weapon' in several languages, including Latin, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Arma and The Geddon Device's names can be combined to be read as "Armageddon", a final battle between the forces of good and evil originating from the Bible.
  • Arma's weapon are based upon 'mecha' weaponry seen in many different Japanese science-fiction works, including sentai, tokusatsu, anime and even video-games:
    • Null-parts' projectiles resemble those seen in several shooter video games, like those seen in some installments of the Touhou series.
    • Drill Parts is a shout-out to Getter Robo and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann because of the heavy use of drills in those mecha anime. The part description defines it as being too large to dig with.
    • Some may see a certain resemblance between the weapons of Korejanai Robots (コレジャナイロボ, a parody of the popular robot action figures) and some of the parts Arma use. Pictures of these figures, and more, can be found on Muracha's old personal website.
    • Arma's Vector Cannon skill is a direct homage to the Vector Cannon featured in Hideo Kojima's Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, complete with a similar display gauge.

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