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One of Alouette's adventurers

She shows up after the first payment date. She buys at high margins (you can Just Price at over 145%) and likewise sells low (possible below 25%). She also appears to have unlimited funds, so if she requests an item category, select your most expensive option and mark up the price for huge profit. However, her fairy companion, Prime, is conversely one of the most frugal customers you'll have.


  • First appears outside the shop, just after the first payment is completed. She makes dismissive remarks towards the quality of Reccettear, and marks Recette as her rival.
  • Shows up in the shop (using an Amazon cardboard box as a disguise, a la Solid Snake) the next day. Shuffles around the shop until you run into her. She seems to think her disguise is incredibly clever, and attributes Recette being able to see through it as Recette being extremely perceptive.
  • Shows up periodically in the shop to buy and sell items, after that. Dialogue implies that she considers doing business with Recette to be an act of charity. This is also supported by her Just Pin being around 105%, even though she will take up to 160%, implying that she knows exactly how much things are worth, and is just humoring Recette.
  • Turns up, with several adventurers, in the second or third dungeon trip you take. Usually turns up on the second or third floor in (or on the second or third floor after the first boss, if not encountered on the first five floors). May be encountered near a chest; neither she nor the adventurers she has with her will try to take any items from you, if they drop nearby. Comments on the seediness of the adventurer you have with you (even if the adventurer in question isn't Louie) over Recette's objections that they've already done that joke.

During Lapis Ruins, her father sells off Big Bash. Upset, Alouette goes to see Recette. Of course she arrives while she's not there and decides to go into the dungeon after her. After meeting with Recette in the dungeon, she beats around the bush instead of admitting why she came into the dungeon. At the bottom of the dungeon, the president of Terme Finance who's still controlling Arma reveals himself as the person who bought out Big Bash. He takes the opportunity to absorb Prime into a crystal to fuel his plan. After Recette and her adventurer defeat him and free both Tear and Prime, Alouette leaves to have a talk with her father about selling off Big Bash.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 0 Light/Dark, 10 Gaudy
  • Likes: Medicines, Clothes, Bracelets, Hats, Charms, Necklaces, Scarves, Shoes, Rings, Treasures, Food
  • Budget: 1,200,000-12,000,000
  • Active times: Morning, Noon, Evening
  • She buys up to 149%, though with haggling she can reach 160%+

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