Adventurer's Guild map

Adventurer's Guild as it appears on the town map.

Here you can hire an adventurer and head to the dungeons in search of a fortune!
They're closed at night, and keep track of the time - going to a dungeon is time-consuming!
It's also closed every seventh day.

The Adventurer's Guild is where Recette and Tear can hire adventurers to go into the dungeons in order to gain items to sell at 100% (or more) profit. In essence, dungeon crawling is the other side of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale players can experience if they wish to try something other than shop duties.



Adventurers are people of different cultures, classes, abilities, and races who all share one thing in common - they are all registered with the Adventurer's Guild and are able to accompany treasure seekers into the dungeons.

The adventurers who Recette and Tear will encounter are:

  • Louie - a brave, young Swordsman. He's not too quick, but very dependable.
  • Charme - a murderous yet capricious Thief. She takes big risks, but can finish the job faster than anyone else.
  • Caillou - a Magician whose pomposity belies his age. He wields devastating magics, but is a bit of a glass cannon.
  • Tielle - a young elven Archer in search of her sister. She kills from a distance, but has trouble fighting at close range.
  • Elan - a Black Belt priest-in-training who is eternally poor. Once he's closed in on his target, it's lights out.
  • Nagi - a Lancer who wandered out of the East. She strikes with power and reach, but must be accurate.
  • Griff - an Assassin from the demon world.
  • Arma - a Robot girl learning how to be human. She's limited only by how many parts she can find to equip.

Adventurer's Guild Card

See Main Article: Business Card

Any person wishing to join the Adventurer's Guild must prove their worth in the battlefield - by completing the Hall of Trials. Upon completion, they earn an Adventurer's Guild Card proving their guild membership. In addition, duplicates are made to be passed out to other people as business cards, which allows them to hire that adventurer to go dungeon diving.


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